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Hardcover, Jess French, 72pp, 8.5 x 11, 9781465481412
Everything you need to know about what we're doing to our environment, good and bad, from pollution and litter to renewable energy and plastic recycling. This environmental book will teach young ecologists about how our actions affect planet Earth. Discover shocking facts about the waste we...

Paperback, Michael G. LaFosse, 64pp, 7 x 10, 9780804849586
Make striking, classic origami designs with this easy origami kit. From world-renowned origami artist Michael G. LaFosse comes this affordable collection of classic origami paper craft projects—featuring traditional designs, as well as new twists on old favorites.  Classic Origami for...

Hardcover, Lynda V. Mapes, 40pp, 8.5 x 11, 9781250147646
On a sunny August morning in 2016, a baby sea otter was found washed up on the sand. Orphaned and sick, Rialto was taken to the Seattle Aquarium, where his dedicated caretakers nursed him back to health and taught him how to be an otter. Soon, the charming Rialto was stealing hearts as he played...

Board, Emma Dodd , 22pp, 8 x 8, 9780763699406
This little sea otter loves spending time with his parent — learning new things, playing together, or even just holding each other. In fact, every day this little sea otter spends with his parent is special, just because they are together.

Hardcover, 48, Simon Abbottpp, 6.5 x 9.5, 9781441326157
Ahoy, matey! Who were the most infamous pirates on the high seas? Did pirates really bury their treasure? And where did pirates go to the bathroom? Within these pages, young buccaneers will find the answers to these and dozens more questions. Climb aboard, hoist anchor, and set sail...

Paperback, J. Duane Sept, 416pp, 6 x 9, 9781550178371
The Pacific Northwest coast is home to one of the most diverse displays of intertidal marine life in the world, including sponges, clams, snails, crabs, sea stars, sea anemones, jellies, fishes, seaweeds and more.  The New Beachcomber’s Guide to the Pacific Northwest  is a portable and...

Paperback, Lisa Wojna, Gina Spadoni, Mark Thorburn, Tyler Mudrey, 288pp, 5.5 x 8.5, 9781926700922
Pacific Northwest Trivia is a readable, entertaining potpourri of fascinating facts about a region of ecological diversity, captivating history, a progressive political culture with hints of separatism and colorful characters:• The world’s largest strawberry shortcake, weighing 5700 pounds, is...

Paperback, Lori Herod, 120pp, 6 x 9, 9781937196202
Slightly revised, Third Edition. A box of foil and this book and you're off on a new way of cooking perfect for camping, hunting, fishing trips, Scout troop outings, backyard barbecues, or just a hassle-free evening at home. . Lori Herod shows you how to make foil pots, skillets, a...

Paperback, 8.5 x 11


Hardcover, Peter Wohlleben, 176pp, 10 x 10, 9781771643481
A visually stunning journey into the diversity and wonders of forests. In his international bestseller   The Hidden Life of Trees , Peter Wohlleben opened readers’ eyes to the amazing processes at work in forests every day. Now this new, breathtakingly illustrated edition brings those...

Spiral, Patrick Brighton M.D. FACS , 32pp, 4 x 7, 9781591938514
Manage hiking, camping, backpacking, and outdoor emergencies There’s never a good place for a medical emergency, but some locations are much worse than others. If you are out in nature, far from help, when the unthinkable happens, you must be prepared.   Outdoor Medicine   is your handy,...

Hardcover, Lin & Larry Pardey, 320pp, 6 x 9, 9781929214877
Special Offer for Signed Copies if ordered before Sept 15.   This book is just what the title says. It is the distillation of what the Lin and Larry learned during more than 47 years of sailing together, years during which they covered more than 210,0000 miles on board their two...
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Paperback, S.A. Jeffers, 24pp, 8.5 x 11, 9780692692530
Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest is a children's reading and activity book. Play hide and seek with the reigning champion and experience the thrill of locating the mysterious Bigfoot! Visit the captivating landscapes of the Pacific Northwest habitat, where the search is on for the elusive...

Hardcover, Adam Auerbach, 40pp, 11 x 10, 9781627796019
Three Vikings set out on a daring quest in this thoughtful picture book that shines a light on teamwork and individuality by Ezra Jack Keats Honor-winning creator Adam Auerbach. Three Vikings were dreaming of Valhalla: an enchanted land full of possibility where only the strongest and...

Paperback, 128pp, 4.5 x 6, 9781472909121
Packed with brainteasers, conundrums and other puzzles, this nautical-themed collection is ideal for a storm-bound day in harbor and perfect for the whole family. The Adlard Coles Nautical Puzzle Book   is the ideal shipmate for all salty dogs, be they round-the-world racers, dinghy...

Paperback, Ellen Potter , 144pp, 6 x 9, 9781419733864
Hugo is a young Sasquatch. Boone is a young boy. After an unlikely encounter, they’ve become an even unlikelier pair of best friends. After saving up his Monster Card wrappers, Hugo sends away for a special prize in the mail—a Monster Detector! Using the watchlike device, Hugo quickly spots a...

Paperback, Ellen Potter , 160pp, 6 x 9, 9781419731211
Hugo is a young Sasquatch who longs for adventure. Boone is young boy who longs to see a Sasquatch. When their worlds collide, they become the unlikeliest pair of best friends.   At the Academy for Curious Squidges, Hugo learns all manner of Sneaking—after all, the most important part of...

Paperback, Amanda Neal, 20pp, 8.5 x 11, 9781937196196
If properly looked after, diesel engines can be amazingly reliable. We got 14,300 hours out of our Volvo TMD31 engine, with almost no problems. You now know that engines need clean fuel, power to start, adequate cooling and lubrication, clean air and preventative maintenance. When you meet these...

Spiral-Bound, NOAA and NGA, 136pp, 11 x 8.5, 9781937196295

chart no. 1 nautical chart symbols

Flexicover, Michael O'Brien , Richard Crossley, Kevin T. Karlson , 496pp, 6 x 9, 9780618432943
An all-new holistic approach to identifying shorebirds.   Join the experts in birding by impression, a revolutionary approach to bird identification. Experienced birders use the most easily observed characteristics — size, structure, behavior, and general color patterns — to identify...

Steel, 2.5 x 2
Made in USA Laser cut stainless steel Includes black SQUATCH brand keyring Claw opens a bottle

Steel, 1 x .5
Made in USA Laser cut stainless steel Includes SQUATCH brand carabiner (imported)

Steel, 1 x .5
Made in USA Laser cut stainless steel Includes black SQUATCH brand keyring

Board, Ame Dyckman , 22pp, 7 x 7, 9781534410824
Help little ones learn to look but not touch in this third story in the adorable Wee Beasties series from   New York Times   bestselling author Ame Dyckman. Touchy the Octopus LOVES to touch the things he loves. But sometimes, he touches everything. WAIT! Can you show Touchy how to look...
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