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Paperback, Lenore Skomal, 148pages, 5.5 x 8.5, ISBN: 9780762758807
This is the absorbing, painstakingly researched story of Ida Lewis, born in Newport, Rhode Island in 1842, and the fearless rescues she made at Lime Rock Lighthouse. Her father, Captain Hosea Lewis, became the first keeper of Lime Rock Lighthouse in 1853. But after he was disabled by stroke,...

Paperback, Ray Jones, 242pages, 5.5 x 8.5, ISBN: 9780762756605
Lighthouses and ghosts are two popular passions. Melded together by master storyteller and lighthouse expert Ray Jones, these tales of spirited lights are guaranteed to grab the attention of all readers. As an added bonus, practical information is given for those who wish to visit the featured...

Paperback, Andy Lamb & Bernard Hanby, 8pages, 4.6 x 9, ISBN: 9781550174175
There are few more enjoyable ways to spend a relaxing afternoon than beachcombing for seashells. But there is no need to fly away to some exotic tropical locale to find colorful, fascinating specimens. If you are in the Pacific Northwest, you will find local beaches as rich in fascinating...

Hardcover, Bonnie Worth, 48pages, 6.7 x 0.4 x 9.3, ISBN: 9780679891161
In rhyming text, the Cat in the Hat introduces Sally and Dick to the various inhabitants of the ocean, including herring, mackerel, jellyfish, sharks, manatees, and whales.

Hardcover, Bonnie Worth, 48pages, 7.2 x 0.4 x 9.3, ISBN: 9780375822797
The Cat and Co. take to the high seas and introduce readers to almost 20 different species of aquatic mammals known as cetaceans--including whales, porpoises, and dolphins. Full color.

Hardcover, Tish Rabe, 44pages, 6.75 x 95, ISBN: 9780375822803
Norval the Fish is hosting a seaside talk show for the Fish Channel. Among Norval's special guests are his old friend, the shy Clam-I-Am, along with horseshoe and hermit crabs, jellyfish, sand fleas, and other creatures who live on the beach. Full color.

Paperback, L. Francis Herreshoff, 349pages, 6 x 9, ISBN: 9781574092875
A much anticipated reissue, in larger format, of the biography of Nathanael G. Herreshoff, who was the greatest yacht and marine designer and builder this country has ever produced. Many of the closely guarded secrets of Captain Nat, the great master, are revealed in these pages. Fully...

Paperback, Jennifer Blomgren, illust. by Andrea Gabriel, 32pages, 10 x 11, ISBN: 9781570615931
In this lovely bedtime book, "Where do I sleep'" is asked and answered by baby animals native to the Pacific Northwest. A sea otter, blacktail deer, bald eagle, sea anemone, mountain goat, grey wolf, hermit thrush, and other little animals (including a human child) describe their sleeping...

Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 X 3.69, ISBN: 9781583551141
Northwestern Seashore Life highlights the birds, fish, plants, reptiles and beach drift found along the Pacific Northwest. A map of tidal zone is provided on the back cover for the vacationer or nature enthusiast. This compact guide is folded for easy handling and printed on durable laminate...

Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 X 3.69, ISBN: 9781583558034
Knots have three practical purposes, to attach a rope to another rope, to attach a rope to an object or to allow a rope to perform a function. All knots have multiple uses. This Duraguide® provides simplified step-by-step reference on how to tie the most popular outdoor knots including those...

Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 X 3.69, ISBN: 9781583555576
Providing essential guidance for a myriad of circumstances and skill levels, this virtually indestructible series of pocket guides includes tips and tricks for exploring the outdoors as well as preparing for natural disasters. From studying wildlife and diverse environments to sound advice for...

Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 X 3.69, ISBN: 9781583551127
Weather, An Introduction to Clouds, Storms and Weather Patterns, is a must-have, reference guide for beginners and experts alike. With this indispensable guide, learn how to observe clouds and anticipate weather changes. This folded guide is printed on laminate material for durability and...

Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 x 3.69, ISBN: 9781583551219
Western Coastal Birds is a portable reference guide featuring over 100 species of birds found along Western North America. This richly illustrated and detailed guide is printed on laminate material and folds for easy handling. A map of birding sanctuaries and parks is provided on the back cover...

Paperback, David Seidman, 240pages, 9.1x7.2, ISBN: 9780071749572
This is not just an instructional book---it's an insight into a sailor's approach to the sea, boats, and the ever-changing dynamic of wind on the water "A learn-to-sail book with heart"--WoodenBoat "A real winner. . . a masterful blend of straightforward text with delightful and instructive...

Paperback, Neil McDaniel, 224pages, 4.6 x 9, ISBN: 9781550175134
"Sea stars are amongst the most common and conspicuous invertebrates that thrive in the rich waters of the Pacific Northwest, from northern California to southeast Alaska. Worldwide there are more than 2,000 different species, but no other temperate region has a greater variety and abundance of...

Paperback, J.D. Lenzen, 112pages, 9.9x8, ISBN: 9781931160780
Respected internationally for his knotting skills and clear, concise video and book presentations, J. D. Lenzen shows how to tie knots like no others. Just as origami figurines are created through the merging of different folding techniques, he creates new knots by combining historical knot...

Paperback, Barbara Merry, 256pages, 8.3x5.4, ISBN: 9780071736046
The Splicing Handbook includes step-by-step illustrations and explanations for the most useful and popular splices in traditional twisted and modern braided ropes, and it covers every kind of splicing project you are likely to encounter, including modern cordage such as Spectra; mainstream rope...

Hardcover, Terry Breverton, 384pages, 1.2 x 5 x 8, ISBN: 9781599219790
Breverton's Nautical Curiosities is about ships, people and the sea. However, unlike many other nautical compendiums, this lavishly illustrated book focuses on the unusual, the overlooked, or the downright extraordinary. . Thus, someone most of us do not know, Admiral William Brown, is given...

Paperback, Jim Whippy, 128pages, 6 x 3.9, ISBN: 9780939837939
This handy pocket guide contains all the most useful knots you'll need whether on board or at the dockside. Each knot is broken down into clear step-by-step illustrations, with a photo of the finished knot and background information on its strengths, weaknesses and when best to use it. A perfect...

Paperback, LaDonna Gunderson, 136pages, 8.75x7.5, ISBN: 9781578335237
Salmon, Desserts & Friends is a fantastic collection of scrumptious recipes, fishing stories and dozens of captivating colorful images depicting the magic of Alaska's commercial fishing lifestyle. I share many of the delicious galley-tested salmon and dessert recipes I've learned to make...

Paperback, Bill Peet, 48pages, 8.5 x 0.2 x 9.8, ISBN: 9780395296073
A little boy saves Kermit from disaster, and the once cranky crab works hard to repay him.

Paperback, Robert Sweet, 288pages, 8.5 x 0.4 x 10.8, ISBN: 9780071759960
The Weekend Navigator teaches you how to navigate using today's tools and methods, including the latest technologies such as smart phones. While electronic navigation is here to stay, author Bob Sweet recognizes that they are still based on traditional charts and piloting skills, and he combines...

Paperback, Douglas A. CamPaperbackell, 336pages, 9 x 6 x 0.9, ISBN: 9780762771790
On August 13, 1944, the U.S. submarine Flier struck a mine in the Sulu Sea in the southern Philippines as it steamed along the surface. All but fifteen of the more than eighty-strong crew went down with the vessel. Of those left floating in the dark, eight survived by swimming for...

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