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Cards, ISBN: 9781591933137
These Rock and Mineral Playing Cards from Adventure Publications are a neat way to learn about rocks while playing your family's favorite card games. Now you can play all of your favorite card games while studying rocks & minerals. Each card in this standard deck features its own photo,...

Paperback, Dan R. Lynch & Bob Lynch, 320pages, 4.2 x 6, ISBN: 9781591932932
A field guide to rocks and minerals of Washington and Oregon, featuring photos and details needed for identifying and collecting.

Paperback, J.J. Isler & Peter Isler, 400pages, 7.5 x 95, ISBN: 9780471791430
A fine volume of instruction for not only learning to sail, but for choosing the right boat, equipment and selecting the best chartering locations. Excellent illustrations and encouraging, I-can-do-it text.

Paperback, Gary Jobson, 220pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9780743273084
Best-selling learn-to-sail manual. Teaches every aspect of basic sailing and coastal cruising with clear, reassuring text and more than 100 photos. Official manual of American Sailing Association. Excellent.

Laminated, 11.7 x 7.2, ISBN: 9780898863925
This series of two-sided plastic laminated cards, developed by a teacher of marine science, can be easily fit in a pack, taped to a kayak deck, even marked with crayons or grease pencil.

Cut from steel. Uses a super stront Rare Earth magnet. False patina applied.

Paperback, LaDonna Gunderson, 136pages, 8.75x7.5, ISBN: 9781578335237
Salmon, Desserts & Friends is a fantastic collection of scrumptious recipes, fishing stories and dozens of captivating colorful images depicting the magic of Alaska's commercial fishing lifestyle. I share many of the delicious galley-tested salmon and dessert recipes I've learned to make...

Paperback, Mark Kurlansky, 463pages, 5 x 8, ISBN: 9780142001615
Salt-the only edible rock-has made a large and often surprising contribution to man's history. This is very engaging history blending economic, scientific, political religious and culinary records into a memorable tale.

Paperback, Amadeo Bachar, Edgar W. Roberts III, 10pages, ISBN: 9781937196141
Specifically designed for the salt water angler, this durable fish identification guide includes the fish sought after by the recreation-al fisherman in the Pacific Northwest, from Monterey to Alaska. Each specimen includes the common and scientific name, range where fish are caught, length,...

Magnet, 2.6 x 2.5
Laser cut steel. Uses a strong rare earth magnet. Antique bronze finish applied

Pamphlet, Jeff Meldrum, 10pages, 10 x 4.3, ISBN: 9781937196950
Now with new cover art "Finally, a concise and well-written field guide has been published to help the bigfoot field investigator document various types of evidence in an appropriate way. Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put together a field guide on heavy-duty, waterproof card stock that literally...

Poster, 42 x 17.5, ISBN: 760999953113
This poster features the new cover art for our Sasquatch Field Guide illustrated by Brenden Bannon. Printed in house by Paradise Cay Publications.

Pamphlet, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, 12pages, 10 x 4.5, ISBN: 9781937196547
A field guide to relict hominoids. Most modern humans are transient visitors to the primal forests, whose dark recesses were believed to harbor mysterious creatures, including one more man-like than any other living being.

Paperback, Jeff Meldrum, ISBN: 9780765312174
In this landmark work on a subject too often dismissed as paranormal or disreputable, Jeffrey Meldrum gives us the first book on Sasquatch to be written by a scientist with impeccable academic credentials. He gives an objective look at the facts in a field mined with hoaxes and sensationalism. ....

Spiral-bound Hardcover, 64pages, 6 x 8.5, ISBN: 9781441311566
Help the mermaid princess find her lost treasure. It's a real  Mermaid Adventure  as she races to get back to her castle in time for her royal birthday ball! Trace the white picture outlines and reveal the gold, silver, and rainbow-swirl undersea world beneath the black-coated pages....

Spiral-bound Hardcover, Heather Zschock, 64pages, 6 x 8.5, ISBN: 9781593599058
Dive in for hours of fun and creativity as your artwork appears like magic while you learn about 20 of the ocean's most fascinating creatures. Ages 6 and up. Shrink-wrapped with a wooden stylus for drawing on black-coated paper to reveal colors beneath. 64 pages. Includes 20 scratch-off, 20...

Hardcover, Gertrude Crampton, 24pages, 6.7 x 0.1 x 7.9, ISBN: 9780307020468
A classic adventure in which a little tugboat gets lost and after some scary times is reunited with the man and boy to spend his time in the bathtub where he belongs.

Hardcover, C. S. Lambert, 96pages, 5.4 x 0.5 x 7.4, ISBN: 9780892729104
The perfect guide for both seasoned and novice seaglunkers, The Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook reveals how to locate the best beaches and predict optimum conditions; understand coastal access laws; determine the personal and professional value of sea glass' and identify the source of individual...

Paperback, Cindy A. Littlefield, 144pages, 8 x 0.4 x 10.8, ISBN: 9781580176248
We call it Earth but our planet might have been more aptly named Ocean. After all, nearly seventy percent of it is covered with saltwater, forming a great frontier that's home to all sorts of awesome species. Sea Life Games & Puzzles invites kids to learn more about their favorite sea...

Magnet, 4.5 x 1.6
Laser-cut steel with finish applied. Strong Rare Earth magnet glued on the back. Each one is unique.

Board Book, Victoria Miles, 26pages, 7 x 0.6 x 7, ISBN: 9781459804678
Follow along as Pup learns how to eat spiky sea urchins, somersault beneath the waves and groom himself. He still needs lots of help from Mother, but one day Pup will be old enough to dive down below the waves and search for food on his own. Accompanied by beautiful illustrations and set in the...

Paperback, Peter D. Jeans, 370pages, 6 x 9, ISBN: 71486569
A wonderfully entertaining miscellany of maritime myths, superstitions, fable and even fact. Presented in a relaxed style displaying a passion for the classic and sometimes obscure nautical tales of pirates, mermaids, castaways and buccaneers.

Hardcover, 64pages, 6.5 x 8, ISBN: 9781465457561
What shapes the shore? What causes tides? Packed with facts and activities, this book has these answers and more, and is a perfect introduction to the world of shells, fish, and birds for kids who are curious about nature. With amazing facts about fun topics like shell shapes and rock...

Hardcover, Professor Ari Berk, 68pages, 7.2 x 0.9 x 8.6, ISBN: 9780763645151
This lavishly illustrated resource offers insight into the lives, origins, language, and magic of the elusive merfolk. Includes flaps, booklets, gatefolds, and a tassel with foil, embossing, and glittery jewels on the cover. Full color.