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Paper Chart, 3ft 10 x 3ft 1
Now printed on heavier stock

Waterproof, Waterproof Chart, 48 x 36
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Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 X 3.69, ISBN: 9781583551905
Medicinal Plants is a unique guide that describes traditional wilderness remedies using familiar widespread plants. This beautifully illustrated guide highlights over 80 familiar species of medicinally important, widespread trees, shrubs and wildflowers. Laminated for durability, this handy...

Waterproof Cards, 6pages, 4.25 x 2.25, ISBN: 9780922273225
Here is a handy design for a knot reference! Waterproof plastic cards mean you can take this little reference (just 2 1/4 x 3 1/2) with you hiking, camping, or put in your car or truck glove box, and not worry about it getting wet or damaged! Six cards are attached together in corner with a...

Paperback, Hardie Gramatky, 96pages, 7 x 7.75, ISBN: 9780698115767
The famous story of the little tugboat who rescues an ocean liner from the rocks and becomes a hero.

Paperback, Tom Lichtenheld, 40pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9780689860096
A collection of made-up facts (did you know that pirates ate school cafeteria food'), educated guesses and silly pictures about the bad guys of the high seas. Aspiring buccaneers will find this a must read.

Spiral-Bound, 80pages, 11.5" x 8 1/8", ISBN: 1878797085
More than 80 ruled pages for recording log entries in flexible format. Guest registry, radio log. Spiral-bound.

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DVD, Lin & Larry Pardey, ISBN: 9781929214105
The Pardeys have been called the "enablers". Their books and videos have encourage sailors of all ages to stop dreaming and start doing. Now they take you well out to sea and demonstrate methods to help you bring your boat and crew safely through storms with your gear and dreams intact....

Paperback, Sharlene & Ted Nelson, 118pages, 5.5 x 8.5, ISBN: 9780945092537
The fascinating stories of 14 lighthouses that served the Oregon coast and lower Columbia River including the Columbia River Lightship. Packed with maps, photos, information including hours and descriptions of lights and nearby museums.

Small Format, Waterproof Chart, 21 x 29
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Paperback, David Pinyerd, 128pages, 6.5 x 95, ISBN: 9780738548876
A pictorial history of the Oregon lighthouses and life-saving stations which predated the formation of the Coast Guard. 200 rare b&w photos with extensive captions document the historic and fascinating lights of the Oregon coast.

Paper Chart, 3ft 10 x 3ft 1
Now printed on heavier stock

Paperback, Helene Hovanec & Patrick Merrell, 144pages, 8 x 0.4 x 10.8, ISBN: 9781580176798
Buckley Beaver and Daffodil Duck are the tour guides for a nature excursion like no other! Children will love the curiosities and fun little quirks of the country setting as they work their way through a variety of activities featuring friendly animals, woodland wonders, and other nature themes....

Paperback, U.S. Sailing, ISBN: 9781938915024
For novices to cruising under sail. Covers every topic from docking under power to shortening sail to safety requirements. Hundreds of excellent illustrations.

Hardcover, Daniel Parrott, ISBN: 9780071550079
Satellite systems, ARPA, electronic charts, AIS, sophisticated communication equipment and integrated navigational systems?all these advanced technologies provide valuable capabilities. But accidents still happen, and they usually involve human error. This simple fact has made Bridge Resource...

Board Book, ImageBooks Staff, 12pages, 4.3 x 4.3 x 1.2, ISBN: 9780811873406
Kids will go crazy for these quirky books featuring lovable characters, bright and simple art, charming rhymed text, and best of all, adorable finger puppets! Each darling book has a permanently attached plush finger puppet and peek-a-boo holes in every page, presenting a super-fun way for...

Paperback, William Tuohy, 430pages, 4.25 x 7, ISBN: 9780891418894
The story of Medal of Honor winner Richard O'Kane and U. S. submariners in the Pacific War. Relates in detail the astonishing and revolutionary exploits of the Tang and her daring officers and crew.

Paperback, John Keever, 175pages, 4.5 x 7, ISBN: 9780870335594
Completely updated to reflect current information and procedures. Safety practices for lifeboat operations, survival procedures, rescue and evacuation details, firefighting, and first aid. Sample multiple-choice questions.

Paperback, Gary Jobson, 220pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9780743273084
Best-selling learn-to-sail manual. Teaches every aspect of basic sailing and coastal cruising with clear, reassuring text and more than 100 photos. Official manual of American Sailing Association. Excellent.

Paperback, Warwick Clay, 276pages, 8.25 x 11.75, ISBN: 9780852884829
Details of harbors and anchorages in the Pacific south of the equator between New Guinea and South America. Fully revised.

Paperback, Pat Jacobs, 32pages, 9 x 0.1 x 11, ISBN: 9780753467916
This brand-new addition to the IWW series is a whirlwind journey through the history of pirates and smugglers, from ancient times all the way to the present day. Readers will learn all about life on board a pirate ship, the jobs that pirates did, how they attacked other ships and stole their...

Paperback, Greg Rumney, Dave Stockton Jr., 128pages, 6 x 9, ISBN: 9781467130882
The 1964 flood in the Eel and Klamath Rivers drainages represents an extreme weather event. Both the Northern California and Southern OR coasts are host to many floods, but the 1964 flood stands out as a representation of the "perfect storm." Three events occurred that led to the flood. First, a...

Paperback, 22pages, 6.5 x 9, ISBN: 9781338106428
Learn the ropes of knot-tying with The Klutz Book of Knots! Two nyolon cords, color-coded to the illustrations, are tied through the holes of each board page, allowing the reader to practice typing knots right in the book. A unique gift, intriguing puzzle, practical tool and entertaining...

Paperback, Tom Cunliffe, 65pages, 6.75 x 9.5, ISBN: 9780470666333
As romantic sounding as sailing to Tahiti did centuries ago, using the sun, moon, planets, and stars to guide one's boat on the seas is enjoying a comeback. For those who do not wish to be caught short when modern technology fails on board, knowing how to chart a path with the aid of a sextant...
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