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Paperback, John Gardner, 527pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9780071427975
Complete plans and building instructions for 47 small wooden boats. Combines Building Classic Small Craft and More Building Classic Small Craft. Includes a section of letters and eulogies celebrating Gardner's life and work.

Paperback, John Rousmaniere, 16pages, 4 x 9, ISBN: 9780071452205
On the water, when questions arise, there's no time to search through an exhaustive manual. The Captain's Quick Guides provide all the answers--fast. Drawn from the world's largest boating library, each laminated Quick Guide presents 14 color panels of authoritative, concise information on a...

Paperback, Peter Owen, 138pages, 65 x 95, ISBN: 9781558213043
Complete instructions for over 60 functional and beautiful knots for boating, camping, home.

Hardcover, Lin and Larry Pardey, 352pages, 8.6 x 5.8, ISBN: 9780964603653
The pleasures and adventures of cruising under sail are amazingly affordable, say Lin and Larry Pardey. But to keep your dream on budget, financially, emotionally, and time wise, you have to decide - are you a cruiser or a consumer? In this book, a logical successor to their Self Sufficient...

Hardcover, Larry and Lin Pardey, 320pages, 8.5 x 5.7, ISBN: 9780964603677
Full of ideas and wisdom on how to sail in comfort and safety without large cash outlays. Every sailor, whether or not they plan to sail over the horizon, should read the Pardeys. This book is what the title says. It is the distillation of what the Pardey's have learned in 150,000 miles of...

Paperback, Derek Van Loan, 112pages, 7.8 x 6.4, ISBN: 9780939837700
The Chinese Sailing Rig: Design and Build Your Own Junk Rig is a stem-to-stern guide for the Western sailor who wants to junk rig any hull. . Words and drawings clearly explain in detail concepts that have been successfully used for millennia in the Orient. Using Western materials and...

Paperback, Lisa HaydenMiller, 327pages, 9 x 5.9, ISBN: 9780939837793
For the cook who sails and the sailor who cooks, the Galley Guru is a connoisseur s guide to simple ways to keep your grip in the galley. . Prepare, preserve, and present, from a tiny space, real food that would not be ashamed to have come from a gourmet kitchen many times the size. Great...

Paperback, Frank Amato Publications, 48pages, 11 x 15, ISBN: 9781571885142
Finally, the ultimate book for Washington anglers! Detailed maps covering over 1200 miles of river! Included for each river are the best seasons, species, available illustrated fishing methods (both fly and gear), best flies and best gear for individual rivers and species, fly hatches, knots,...

Paperback, Matt & Linda Morehouse, 176pages, 5.9 x 9, ISBN: 9780939837847
From country cabin to city digs, Cast Iron Cuisine from Breakfast to Dessert has you covered. . Discover flavor secrets of chefs: stock making, reduction sauces, mirepoix, aging meats to perfection. Explore bread making in loaf pans or in a skillet. Enjoy original and time-tested dishes for...

Map, Jane Cumberlidge, 7 x 10, ISBN: 9781846232343
Imray Guide's map has been standard reference to the Waterways system for nearly 50 years. Clearly printed in full colour showing navigable and abandoned waterways with distances, this map has been completely revised and redrawn under the supervision of Jane Cumberlidge. It includes plans of...

Paperback, Ed Bowler & Barbara Bowler, 289pages, 10.8 x 8.5, ISBN: 9780939837557
Cruising Guide to San Diego Bay is a complete compilation of up-to-date sailing information about San Diego Bay and its adjacent harbors. . The Guide includes current bay rules and regulations as well as pointers on how to make your stay in the area enjoyable. Here you will find charts and...

Spiral-Bound, Clyde Cruising Club, Martin Lawrence and Edward Mason, ISBN: 9781846233685
Including Solway Firth and North Channel Clyde Cruising Club Edited by Edward Mason The first of the Clyde Cruising Club's Sailing Directions to be published under the Imray imprint. Whilst the familiar CCC format has been left unchanged, this major new edition incorporates material from Martin...

Paperback, Donald M. Silver, 48pages, 9 x 0.1 x 9, ISBN: 9780070579286
From sandy beaches to rocky cliffs, the place where the land meets the sea is an amazing habitat. While exploring at the shore or reading at home, children ages 7 and up will be astonished by the richness and variety of creatures at the water's edge. Beautifully illustrated, with a picture...

Hardcover, Hans Christian Anderson, 40pages, 0.5 x 5 x 7, ISBN: 9781402783364
Hans Christian Andersen's beloved story about a mermaid who leaves the sea after she falls in love with a human prince receives a beautiful and poignant retelling.

Paperback, Peter T. Underwood USMC (Ret), ISBN: 9781626361584
Let the U. S. Army prepare you for any emergency. . Whether you're gearing up for a backcountry trek, preparing for the worst that nature or man can offer, or just want to have a great resource at your fingertips, you need this comprehensive, full-color new edition of the U. S. Army...

Paperback, Maggie Davis, 32pages, 10.4 x 8.5, ISBN: 9780944475355
The narrator of this tale is a boy who knows that whales are magnificent but endangered creatures. He wants to do anything he can to save them, and as he scrubs in his bathtub, he dreams up a plan to save the whales. . Children from all over the world also get in their bathtubs to save the...

Hardcover, Meomi, 36pages, 8.2 x 11.3, ISBN: 9781597020053
The books that launched the hit cartoon!"Meomi's character design is terrific. But their books, especially their first book, are more than that. . . I love it, and more importantly, my son loves it and asks for it at bedtime. " - Super Punch"The Octonauts: And the Only Lonely Monster has become...

Paperback, J Torres, 100pages, 8.5 x 6.6, ISBN: 9781554537129
Rufus is bo-o-o-ored at his grammy's house in the country. But when he follows a girl into the woods and finds a totem in a hollowed-out tree, things become a whole lot more interesting. Especially when he reads the word etched into the magical talisman: "Sasquatch."

Waterproof Map, Coast & Kayak Magazine, 22x32, ISBN: 9780987985125
Detailed trip planning resource printed double-sided on waterproof/tearproof synthetic stock. The essential piece of a trip to Desolation Sound, a key Canadiankayaking destination.  ISBN 978-0-9879851-2-5 22:x32”, folded to 4x11” in plastic hang bag.

Paperback, Ashley Spires, 32pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9781554539024
No one believes Larf exists, and he likes it that way. Larf, you see, is a sasquatch, the only sasquatch in the world (or so it seems). He has a very pleasant, and very private, life in the woods, where on any given day he might be found jogging, gardening or walking Eric, his pet bunny. But...

Paperback, ANDREW EVANS, 320pages, 9.1 x 7.3, ISBN: 9780071836531
The ONLY bible for how to sail your boat fast, safe, and alone Solo sailing is within any sailor's grasp with a little forethought--and this essential guide. Got a 35-foot sailboat? No problem. Is the wind blowing 20 knots? No problem. Are you racing offshore overnight? Even better....

Hardcover, Sharon Green, 11.5 x 10.5, ISBN: 9780913081099
From Auckland to Antigua, from Sydney to Sardinia: the most stunning images from the world of yacht racing come to you in "Sharon Green's 30 Years of  Ultimate Sailing."   This handsome and generous coffee table book features vibrant photographs from the 1980s through...

Paperback, 72pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9781465435019
Focus your telescope and get ready to learn all about the night sky.  Eyewitness Explorer: Night Sky Detective  is full of activities for adventurous hands-on learning with activities to help spot different constellations, make paper planets, study Jupiter and its moons, create a star chart,...

Paperback, Rod and Lucinda Heikell, 9.7 x 7.8, ISBN: 9781846235757
Rod Heikell’s 'West Aegean' is a cruising guide to the Attic coast, Eastern Peloponnese, Western Cyclades and Northern Sporades. It is the ideal companion for charterers and flotilla sailors providing not only clear pilotage but also background information on visiting Greece, notes on history,...
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