Rigging Modern Anchors

Paperback, 156 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, ISBN: 9781948494076



Rigging Modern Anchors demystifies anchoring with today’s modern anchors. Through years of systematic testing, Drew Frye has produced a new benchmark of understanding based on empirical data instead of anecdotal wisdom, passed down from one sailor to the next without proof or deep understanding of the fundamental concepts involved. In Rigging Modern Anchors, we dig deeply into the how and why of anchoring, using hard numbers as our foundation. Included are in-depth discussions of anchoring basics, loads, scope, and the effects of cyclical loading, soil consolidation, and bottom characteristics, on holding power. Special attention is given to problem bottoms such as very soft mud and rock. There are anchor-specific observations, discussions of tandem anchors and rigging methods, plus an extensive appendix containing test data, open source designs for bridle plates and anchor turners, strength and toughness for various chain types, anchor connector recommendations, anchor sizing guides and more. Proper anchoring technique, rigging, and gear selection are vital to the safety of ship and crew. Instead of hoping your anchor and rigging scheme will hold, read Rigging Modern Anchors and be sure.


Drew Frye
156 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
ISBN: 9781948494076
Seaworthy Publications
Date Added:
November 2018
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