Sea to Sky Marine Trail / Howe Sound Waterproof Map

Waterproof Map, 22x32 inches, ISBN: 9780987985163


Created by veteran paddler and BC coastal explorer John Kimantas, the Sea to Sky Marine Trail/Howe Sound mapsheet is designed for both trip planning in advance of your trip and for on-water use as you travel along the coastline – thanks to the durable waterproof paper.

The Sea to Sky Marine Trail links West Vancouver and Squamish, and as part of the Trans Canada Trail creates a vast new recreational area in one of BC’s most scenic and accessible locations. This mapsheet shows how to enjoy both the marine environment and the adjacent land features and trails in large-scale format.

The 22x32” mapsheet is printed on indestructible waterproof polymer paper, and so will withstand the worst weather your adventure can throw your way.


Waterproof Map
Coast & Kayak Magazine
22x32 inches
ISBN: 9780987985163
Coast and Kayak Magazine
Date Added:
July 2018
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