Charlie's Charts


As the new owners of the Charlie's Charts family of cruising guides and Gerry Cunningham's line of cruising publications including GPS-accurate navigation charts of Baja and the Sea of Cortez, we would like to welcome you to our new website. We look forward to continuing to upgrade our offerings both on-line and in print and hope you will take us along on your adventure.

As cruisers, we have used various editions of Charlie's Charts cruising guides and Gerry's nav charts over the years, and have come to appreciate the simplicity and clarity of both and hope you will too.

Charles and Margo Wood began Charlie's Charts in 1982 while cruising down the Pacific Coast of the US and Mexico. They were a big hit with coastal cruisers. After Charles passed away in 1987, Margo took on the task of continuing and expanding the guides. Margo decided she was ready to retire and go have some fun in 2010 and we are honored to have the opportunity to take the next watch on the helm of Charlie's Charts.

Gerry Cunningham cruised the Sea of Cortez for over 50 years and produced the only GPS-accurate full size charts of the area along with a line of cruising guides. Gerry passed away in 2010 and we are equally honored to have been chosen by his granddaughter Heather to carry on his work.

Jo and I have been friends for a long time and have discovered that we work well together, whether getting my boat ready for a Mexico cruise, doing deliveries, fixing stuff on each other's boats, anchoring in nasty conditions when you can't hear anything over the wind or building a cruising guide business. She's the sensible-business-brain-computer-savvy one and I (Holly) am the A.D.D.-full-of-crazy-ideas-let's-just-go-sailing one. We make a great team.

There are seven different volumes of Charlie's Charts covering the Pacific coasts of Southeast Alaska, all the way down to the tip of Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands. That's a lot of territory to keep up with, so if you're out there and discover something new, please let us know so we can keep our guides up to date.