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World Cruising Routes: 8th edition PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE

World Cruising Routes: 8th edition PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE

Flexicover, 616pp, 9781999722944, 2018
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Long established as the bible for long-distance cruisers and a bestseller since its first publication in 1987, World Cruising Routes is a comprehensive guide to over 1,000 routes covering all the oceans of the world from the tropical South Seas to the high-latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic.

The most important changes in the fully revised eighth edition (2018) focus on the effects of climate change, especially on routes that are vulnerable to changing weather conditions. All routes influenced by tropical cyclones have been updated to take into account the risk of less predictable tropical storm seasons. The information on certain routes has also been updated in view of the current global weather data used in the latest edition of Cornells’ Ocean Atlas.



Geared specifically to the needs of cruising sailors, the eighth edition provides over 6,000 waypoints to assist navigators in planning individual passages. It is the perfect one-stop reference for planning a voyage anywhere in the world.


Jimmy Cornell
Cornell Sailing
Date Added:
May 2018
Published Date:

Corrections to WORLD CRUISING ROUTES 7th edition
14 August 2014

  • Page 30 AN12
    The correct coordinates for Falmouth are 50°08.0'N, 5°02.0'W
  • Page 35 AN16
    The correct coordinates for Acebuche are 36°02.5’N, 5°27.0’W
  • Page 48 AN33
    The correct coordinates for Tarifa are 35°59.5’N, 5°36.5’W
  • Page 49 AN34
    The correct coordinates for Tarifa are 35°59.5’N, 5°36.5’W The correct
    coordinates for Hoyo are 36°04’N, 6°20’W
  • Pages 69 and 70 AN56 and AN57
    The correct coordinates for Tenerife E are 28°31.5’N, 16°06.0’W The correct
    coordinates for Tenerife NE are 28°40.0’N, 16°06.0’W
  • Page 71 AN59
    The distance Las Palmas to Crosshaven is 1462 miles
  • Page 77 AN65
    Right column: The distance to Paramaribo is approximately 13 miles Page 92
    AN76B The correct coordinates for Morro are 18°31.0’N, 66°06.0’W
  • Page 93
    Right column, last line, amend text to: “reach the open ocean at Virgin E”
  • Page 94 AN77
    The correct coordinates for Sombrero E are 18°36.0’N, 63°20.0’W
  • Page 101 AN83
    The distance from Charlotte Amalie to San Juan is 73 miles, and to Samana
    261 miles
  • Page 106 AN85B
    Delete “115” after "Porpoise"
  • Page 206 AN165
    The correct coordinates for for Jan Mayen are 70°53.8’N, 8°46.3’W
  • Page 217 AN176
    The correct coordinates for for Jan Mayen are 70°53.8’N, 8°46.3’W
  • AT15 Page 227
    "Route AN15A" should be AT15A
    "Route AN15B" should be AT15B
  • Page228 AT15
    Right column: the correct French name of French Guyana is “Guyane”.
    Cayenne is its capital.
  • Page 234 AT25
    "Route AN25C" should be AT25C
  • Page 346 PT12
    The correct name of the island is not Guadelupe, but Guadalupe.Thus, the
    waypoint name should be: Guadalupe NW
  • Page 477
    Right column, third paragraph
    The strength of the breeze can be augmented by 20 knots.
  • Page 479
    Right column, second paragraph: the current name of Dindings River is
    Manjung River.
  • Page 517
    Left column, fourth paragraph: Chagos enjoys…. SE trade winds from April
    to October (not November as stated)
  • Page 595
    Right column, top line.
    In 2014, Ukraine has gone through an uncertain period after Crimea had
    seceded and joined the Russian Federation. The situation in that part of
    the Black Sea may continue to be unsettled and it is advisable to
    monitor the latest situation before planning to sail there.
  • Page 602
    Left column, last line in first paragraph: RW2 should be corrected to MW2

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