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Board, H. A. Rey, 24pages, 5.2 x 0.8 x 5.2, ISBN: 9780395899229
Inspired by a vignette in the classic  Curious George Flies a Kite , this is a sweet story of hide-and-seek.

Board, Margret Rey, 24pages, 7 x 0.7 x 7, ISBN: 9780544610972
Inspired by a vignette in the classic  Curious George Flies a Kite , this amusing episode shows George at his curious best trying to catch a fish

Paperback, Margret & H. A. Rey, 24pages, 8 x 0.1 x 8, ISBN: 9780395919071
George and the man with the yellow hat enjoy watching the winter sports competition. When they stop to warm up with some cocoa, George's curiosity about the racing equipment leads to some wild rides up and down the slopes. He creates quite a stir at the resort, and may even create a new sport!...

Paperback, Mike Berenstain, 32pages, 6 x 0.1 x 9, ISBN: 9780062075598
Go fishing with the Berenstain Bears! Papa Bear is thrilled to take Brother, Sister, and Honey fishing: finally he can share with them all his knowledge and expertise. But the cubs prefer to use their simple bamboo poles, bent pins, and worms. Will Papa Bear realize that the shiniest, fanciest...

Hardcover, 32pages, 9 x 0.4 x 12.2, ISBN: 9780981759807
A small dog, Spenser, and his mother explore the history and geography of Portland, Oregon. He explores mountains, waterfalls, the Columbia Gorge, the International Rose Test Garden, and Powells Book Store. This is the first in a series of children's books that offer children and the adults in...

Hardcover, Hans Christian Andersen, 216pages, 7 x 9, ISBN: 9781782501183
Hans Christian Andersen's classic tales of foolish emperors, lonely mermaids, icy queens and clever princesses have delighted children and adults alike for nearly two centuries. The stories' unique magic and wonder make them essential reading for any childhood. This beautifully illustrated...

Paperback, Deborah Hopkinson, 32pages, 6 x 11.25, ISBN: 9780689835292
Birdie, a young girl living on a tiny and desolate lighthouse island, watches her father tend the light and keeps the light going when her father falls ill. Based on true stories of lighthouse heroines. Dramatic illustrations.

Hardcover, Dr. Suess, 64pages, 8.3 x 0.4 x 11.3, ISBN: 9780394800837
Who knows what fantastic fish might swim in McElligot's Pool!

Hardcover, AUDREY PENN, 32pages, ISBN: 9781933718002
School is starting in the forest, but Chester Raccoon does not want to go. To help ease Chester's fears, Mrs. Raccoon shares a family secret called The Kissing Hand to give him the reassurance of her love any time his world feels a little scary. Since its first publication in 1993, this...

Hardcover, Tony Johnston, 40pages, 10 x 10, ISBN: 9781596437272
Standing tall above the tree line, Sequoia stretches his ancient arms and gathers clouds to him. He watches as days, seasons, years pass by. His branches are home to owls and choirs of frogs. Beneath his broad canopy, a world grows. This is his story. Through controlled verse and luscious...

$2.50 $4.99  
Hardcover, Barbara Shook Hazen, 24pages, 6.8 x 0.2 x 8, ISBN: 9780307104403
Bold, colorful artwork illustrates this warm, simple retelling of the Bible story.

$4.76 $5.95  
Board, Margret E. Rey, 20pages, 5.2 x 0.6 x 5.2, ISBN: 9780618120758
This speedy adventure shows how George rides from one adventure to another on a bicycle, in a helicopter, and, of course, in the little blue car.

Paperback, Lucy Cousins, 32pages, 9.1 x 0.1 x 7.4, ISBN: 9780763643683
Five in the tent! A camping trip with Maisy turns into a slapstick comedy of errors in this hilarious picture-book adventure. When Maisy sets off to go camping in the country, it’s only natural that all her friends come along, too. But they soon find that pitching a tent is not an easy...

Hardcover, Gabrielle Grimard, 32pages, 9.1 x 0.3 x 9.1, ISBN: 9781554518586
Lila has just moved to a new town and can't wait to make friends at school. But on the first day, a boy points at her and shouts: “A crow! A crow! The new girl's hair is black like a crow!” The others whisper and laugh, and Lila's heart grows as heavy as a stone. The next day,...

Hardcover, Margaret Wise Brown, 40pages, 8.5 x 10, ISBN: 9780062383105
★An Amazon Most Anticipated Children’s Book Selection A never-before-publi shed picture book from Margaret Wise Brown, the bestselling author of  Goodnight Moon,  brought to life by Loren Long, #1  New York Times  bestselling illustrator of President Barack...

$11.96 $14.95  
Paperback, Brian Hastings, 40pages, 10 x 10, ISBN: 9781454921615
“This is a story about the nature of heroism and how far we will go to help those we love.” —Author Brian Hastings   In a little cottage, where the cliffs meet the waves, lived a young girl named Merryn . . . Each day her father went out to sea to catch fish while Merryn tended her garden....

Hardcover, Patsy Scarry, 24pages, 6.5 x 8.5, ISBN: 9780307986245
First a story, and then a kiss from Mother Bear, and Father Bear carries Little Bear to bed. And that's when the fun begins. Father Bear gets to Little Bear's room, but Little Bear is missing! Little readers will see him hiding in the MOST obvious place but Father Bear cannot seem to find him....

Paperback, Marcus Pfister, 32pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9780735843059
A brand new paperback title in the bestselling Rainbow Fish series! Everyone loses once in a while. But being a good sport when you lose isn’t always easy—not even for Rainbow Fish. A lighthearted look at accepting loss without losing your sparkle!

Hardcover, Jules Verne, 336pages, 6.5 x 8.5, ISBN: 9781402725999
Originally published in 1870, Verne’s amazing undersea adventure is one of the earliest science fiction novels ever written. Since that time, generations of readers have plunged below the ocean’s waves with Captain Nemo and his first-ever submarine,  The Nautilus . It’s...

Hardcover, Jules Verne, 396pages, 6.5 x 9.5, ISBN: 9781631581748
Originally published in the late 1800s,  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea  has captivated readers for nearly two centuries. This edition, enhanced with lavish full-color illustrations by artist Arkady Roytman, is the premier edition of this time-honored classic. The story follows Professor...

Paperback, Allan Villiers, 70pages, 8 x 0.3 x 6.5, ISBN: 9780939511105
Joey was a ginger cat of great personality who really did go to sea with the author aboard the ship Joseph Conrad. This is a new edition of a family classic that will appeal to cat-lovers of all ages for as long as there are seafaring cats.

Hardcover, Dennis Nolan, ISBN: 9781596434707
On a beautiful sunlit beach, a girl builds a magnificent sandcastle. As night falls the girl heads for home. Waves move ever closer to the castle, threatening its survival. Suddenly, in one of its windows, a light comes on . . . Sea of Dreams is a Publishers Weekly Best Children's Picture Books...

$9.00 $17.99  
Hardcover, Jan Brett, 32pages, 10.6 x 0.4 x 8.6, ISBN: 9780399228032
Most armadillos are happy scratching sand and eating, but Bo longs for adventure. And adventure Bo gets, the day Harmony Jean breaks in her brand-new chili- pepper-red cowboy boots by the banks of Can Creek. Peering out across the creek bed, Bo is sure he's spotted a rip-roarin',...

$14.39 $17.99  
Hardcover, Candace Fleming, 40pages, 10 x 10, ISBN: 9780374399085
Clink! Clankety-bang! Thump-whirr!   That's the sound of Papa at work. Although he is an inventor, he has never made anything that works perfectly, and that's because he hasn't yet found a truly fantastic idea. But when he takes his family fishing on Lake Michigan, his daughter Virena asks,...
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