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Kids Camping

Card Deck, Ilyssa & Dave Kyu , 57 pages, 6 x 4.5, 9781680515756
For ages 5 and up 50 game cards divided into two sets: 25 characters (adjective + noun) and 25 actions (verb + object and/or adverb) Individually illustrated cards, including 25 animal heroes Firmly grounded in the natural world, the fun and furry prompts in  Campfire Stories...

Hardcover, 160 pages, 7 x 10, 9781441337344
From Acadia National Park in Maine, to Zion National Park in Utah, this unique journal contains logbook pages for 70 of America's favorite National Parks! As you visit each National Park, collect its official stamp and record your memories! Logbook includes parks in all 50 states,...

Paperback, Jennifer Pharr Davis, Haley Blevins , 448 pages, 6.6 x 8.5, 9781250230843
Outdoor School: Hiking & Camping   is your go-to wilderness guide from Odd Dot, featuring sturdy, metal corners and more than 400 full-color, highly-illustrated pages from Aliki Karkoulia. Jennifer Pharr Davis and Haley Blevins help you rewild your life with: - Immersive activities to...

Paperback, Mary Kay Carson, 448 pages, 6.5 x 8.5, 9781250230836
Rewild your life with Odd Dot's series of   Outdoor School   activity books, perfect for young explorers and nature lovers! With its metal corners and over 400 full-color, highly-illustrated pages by Emily Dahl, Mary Kay Carson's  Outdoor School: Animal Watching  is your indispensable...

Card Deck, Ilyssa Kyu, Dave Kyu , 56 pages, 9781680515329
Campfire Stories Deck  is a collection of 50 cards with storytelling prompts to help people of all ages find engaging and meaningful ways to connect with family and friends. While the glow of a campfire is the iconic setting for intimate stories, these cards can be used anywhere--on a camping...

paperback, Geordie Telfer , 224 pages, 5 x 0.5 x 8, 9781894877831

Good Night Campsite
Board, Adam Gamble & Mark Jasper, 20 pages, 6 x 6
Good Night Campsite features camping, cooking, tents, RVs, lakes, mountains, rivers, trees, ducks, frogs, chipmunks, biking, picnics, hiking, autumn leaves, campfires, fireflies, sleeping bags, and more. Grab your duffel bags, it’s time to head to the campsite. This charming board book takes...

Hardcover, Alexa Ward, 256 pages, 8 x 10, 9781788681155
Calling all adventurers! Are you ready to explore America's 60 amazing national parks? From Acadia's seaside cliffs and coves to Zion's enchanting red valleys, take a journey through the United States' most spectacular and exciting landscapes with   America's National Parks   from Lonely...

Paperback, Julia Rutland, 80 pages, 4.5 x 5.5, 9781591938217
Make Campfire Cooking Even More Fun and Delicious If you’ve ever camped, cooked over a fire, or eaten at your local fair, then you know that food is best served on a stick! Julia Rutland’s   On a Stick Cookbook   features 50 recipes to please any fan of flamed foods. The author is a...

Goodnight Sleepyheads
Board, Maggie Fischer, 12 pages, 6.5 x 8.5, 9781684126125
Follow these sleepyheads on a bedtime adventure in this adorable layered board book. “It’s time to go to bed, but the fire's still so bright, So let’s tell the moon a story, and wish it good night!"   Pirate treasure, soaring spaceships, and a roaring T. Rex—storytime is a wondrous...

Paperback, Bryan Lynch, 224 pages, 6 x 8, 9781565239951
Sharpen your survival skills with this handy guide for your Swiss Army Knife! Must-have manual   for fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, scouting, and outdoor adventures Handle 101 emergencies   from starting a fire to making essential tools Helpful advice   on knife care and...

Trailer Life Puzzle
Puzzle, 11 x 10 x 2, 9781423642626
1,000 pieces 27 1⁄2" x 19 1⁄2" finished size Art by Phil Noyes

Board, 48 pages, 7 x 10, 9781635861976
Jump-start curiosity with this take-along field guide for children ages 4 and up. From worms, birds, and spiders to trees, flowers, and clouds, young explorers learn what to look and listen for wherever they are — whether in a nature preserve, an urban park, or a suburban backyard. Seek-and-find...

Paperback, Wayne Erbsen, 64 pages, 7 x 8, 9780962932793
Front Porch Songs, Joke & Stories is a treasure trove of 19th century songs, hilarious jokes, wild stories, vintage photos, and even a recipe for cooking groundhog! 48 favorite melodies of the past that have traveled along with the pioneers in covered wagons through the Civil War period and...

I Am a Story
Hardcover, Dan Yaccarino, 40 pages, 8.5 x 11, 9780062411068
Internationally acclaimed author-illustrator Dan Yaccarino presents a powerful picture book that celebrates storytelling—from the past to the present and beyond. From cave drawings to the invention of the printing press to our digital age, discover how a story has been told in many...

Hardcover, Marty Allen, 96 pages, 5 x 7, 978-1909313569
Attention all nerds, put down that laptop and pick up this brilliant guide to tying 50 must-know knots. If you're unaware of the difference between a Cow Hitch and a Marlinspike Hoop or a Running Bowline and a Square Lashing, all will be revealed in "Knot Nerds." Packed with step-by-step...
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