Kids Camping

Paperback, Lucy Cousins, 32pages, 9.1 x 0.1 x 7.4, ISBN: 9780763643683
Five in the tent! A camping trip with Maisy turns into a slapstick comedy of errors in this hilarious picture-book adventure. When Maisy sets off to go camping in the country, it’s only natural that all her friends come along, too. But they soon find that pitching a tent is not an easy...

Paperback, Lynn Brunelle, 256pages, 8 x 0.9 x 8.1, ISBN: 9780761141228
Bear bags, wilderness showers, and telling the temperature by counting the cricket chirps... Whether you're planning an over night in the backyard or a weekend in the wilderness, this book is packed with stuff to know. The basics, from gearing up to choosing a site to building a tarp tent....

Paperback, Alyssa Satin Capucilli, 32pages, 6 x 0.1 x 9, ISBN: 9780062236937
Biscuit can't wait to go camping! From tents and flashlights to frogs and fireflies, there are so many new things to discover when you're sleeping outdoors. But are those rain clouds in the sky? How will Biscuit go camping now? Biscuit Goes Camping  is a My First I Can Read book, which...

Paperback, Jeff Brown, 32pages, 6 x 0.1 x 9, ISBN: 9780061430152
Elementary-school kids love Jeff Brown’s classic character, Flat Stanley—the amazing paper-thin boy who can slide under doors, fly like a kite, and travel by mail. In his latest fun-filled adventure,  Flat Stanley Goes Camping , Stanley and the Lambchop family take a trip to...

Paperback, Laurie Carlson & Judith Dammel, 184pages, 11 x 0.4 x 8.5, ISBN: 9781556522376
Activities to help young campers build an awareness of the environment, learn about insect and animal behavior, boost their self-esteem, and learn the basics for fun, successful camping.

Paperback, Peggy Parish, 64pages, 6 x 0.2 x 9, ISBN: 9780060511067
Amelia Bedelia has never been camping in the great outdoors before. She's trying her best to do exactly as she's told, but pitching a tent is not the same as throwing it into the bushes, and catching a fish with your bare hands isn't easy. As usual, the mixed-up housekeeper makes this camping...

Paperback, Margret & H. A. Rey, 24pages, 8 x 0.1 x 8, ISBN: 9780395978351
Curious George Goes Camping  is an entertaining story of the Great Outdoors based on H. A. and Margret Rey’s popular primate and painted in the original watercolor and charcoal style. George tries to be helpful, but he of course just ends up upsetting a nearby camper. As he’s...

Paperback, Kathleen, Laura & Mary Fraser, 160pages, 8.5 x 0.5 x 11, ISBN: 9781550465051
Games for kids 4 to 16, plus tips on keeping them fun and fair for all participants. Camp games are meant to be fun. Here are the very best camp-tested games for boys and girls aged 4 to 16, with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations. The Frasers include indoor and outdoor games for...
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