Last Voyages: The Lives and Tragic Loss of Remarkable Sailors Who Never Returned

Paperback, 240 pages, 5 x 8 inches, ISBN: 9781909911550
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Shipwrecks & Maritime Disasters :Last Voyages: The Lives and Tragic Loss of Remarkable Sailors Who Never Returned


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Looking back at the lives and sailing careers of some of our lifetime’s finest yachtsmen, this collection of eleven original, moving accounts is just as much a celebration of the good – tales of hope, achievement and courageous spirit – as it is an account of their tragic final voyages.

Included are world-renowned racers, like Eric Tabarly and Rob James, highly experienced cruisers and adventurers, like Peter Tangvald and Bill Tilman, and the notoriously ill-prepared Donald Crowhurst, as well as other famous and some less well-known sailors. 
Starting with the sad loss of Frank Davison and Reliance in 1949, the book concludes with the amazing last voyage of Philip Walwyn in 2015 – crossing the Atlantic single-handed in his 12 Metre yacht Kate.

All of the men and women described were friends with or known to the author, Nicholas Gray, who himself competed in several short-handed long distance races, where he met and raced against many of these fascinating characters.

Peppered with photographs showcasing the sailors and their yachts, this is a refreshing look at those who have helped to shape this sport’s history, honoring their lives and accomplishments before detailing their tragic last voyages.


Nicholas Gray
240 pages
5 x 8 inches
ISBN: 9781909911550
Wiley Nautical
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