Rocks, Minerals & Geology Field Guides

Fold out pocket guide, K.T. Meyers, 15pages, 8.5 x 4, ISBN: 9781450757379
This invaluable color guide was developed as an illustrated aid in finding, identifying, and making use of the Oregon gemstones. Accurate photos showing 60+ varieties of agate, jasper, opal, and related gems in the rough, as well as in the cut and polished state for identification purposes. ....

Paperback, Eileen Van der FlierKeller, 16pages, 4.6 x 9, ISBN: 9781550173956
A sturdy, full-color, fold-out guide to the identification and characteristics of pebbles and small rocks found almost everywhere. Where are those pebble from' What are they made of and how were they formed' This guide rocks!

Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 X 3.69, ISBN: 9781583550755
Geology is the perfect pocket-sized, folding guide for the nature enthusiast. The guide simply explains geological processes, the differences between rocks, minerals and gemstones, the most common types North American rocks and minerals and the best rockhounding locations. It also reviews the...
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