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Paperback, Steven J. Pavlidis, ISBN: 9781892399403
New Edition now available

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 158pages, 8 x 11, ISBN: 9781892399397
A complete guide to cruising in Puerto Rico including the Spanish Virgin Islands with 53 detailed, full-color charts, color photos, GPS waypoints, piloting instructions for the whole island chain. Now includes the north coast ports of the Dominican Republic.

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 238pages, 10.7 x 8.2, ISBN: 9781892399311
This is the new updated version of the famous Exuma Guide by Stephen J. Covers every harbor, cove, pass and anchorage as well as every major reef, head, sand bank throughout the entire island chain. New and improved charts showing lat/long and distance.

Paperback, Stephen J. Pavlidis, ISBN: 9781892399373
A Cruising Guide to the Windward Islands, 2nd ed. is the completely updated version of Steve Pavlidis comprehensive Windward Islands guide that covers the stretch of islands from Martinique to Trinidad and Tobago known as the Windward Islands. Now in full-color with many new charts and...

Paperback, Nancy & Tom Zydler, ISBN: 9781892399076
The Georgia Coast: Waterways and Islands is a new kind of boater's guide to the intricate, unspoiled, and exciting coast of Georgia. The guide describes the flora and fauna of varied rich ecosystems as you travel through the natural and human history of over 1,500 miles of waterways. . 134...

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 348pages, 8 x 11, ISBN: 9781892399281
From Grand Bahama and the Abacos South to Cat Island Crossing the Great Bahama Bank The Abacos The Berry Islands Grand Bahama New Providence The Biminis Eleuthera Andros Cat Island Completely Updated Versions of the Pavlidis Bahamas Guides. All Original Charts Based on Personal Surveys Conducted...

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 295pages, 8 x 11, ISBN: 9781892399298
From Cat Island South to the Turks & Caicos~Dominican Republic North Coast Cat Island The Jumentos Conception Island and Ragged Island Rum Cay The Crooked Island District San Salvador Mayaguana Long Island Inagua The Turks and Caicos Islands The Dominican Republic North Coast Ports...

Paperback, Stephen J. Pavlidis, 294pages, 0.7 x 8.6 x 10.6, ISBN: 9781892399366
A Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands, 2nd edition, is the completely updated version of Steve Pavlidis' comprehensive guide to the Leeward Islands that stretch from the northernmost, Anguilla to the southernmost, Dominica. Now in full-color with many new charts and aerial photos of the...

Paperback, Stephen J. Pavlidis, 216pages, 10.7 x 8.3, ISBN: 9781892399359
Product Description This is the new 2nd edition of the famous Pavlidis Guide to the Virgin Islands. Printed in 2011, the new 2nd edition covers the entire Virgin Islands region including US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands. A comprehensive cruising guide including 84 accurate sketch charts....

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 385pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9781892399380
An excellent and much-needed cruising guide to this region. Includes the northern coast of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Bay Islands and Mainland Honduras, Guatemala and the Rio Dulce. Loaded with sketch charts, photos. Spiral-bound. Another fine guide by Stephen Pavlidis.

Paperback, Nancy Schwalbe Zydler & Tom Zydler, 332pages, 8 x 10, ISBN: 9781892399090
Comprehensive cruising guide for all of the waters surrounding Panama, plus its navigable rivers, the San Blas Islands and Las Perlas.

Hardcover, Emmanuel Deschamps, 207pages, 6.75 x 9 .25, ISBN: 2879231744
A lively and colorful guidebook to the Marquesas Islands Archipelago. Written in both French and English, it covers history, attractions, island culture, travel to and among the islands. Maps, color photos.