Self-Sufficient Sailor: 2nd edition

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Cruising & Voyaging :Self-Sufficient Sailor: 2nd edition

Out of Print. Newed edition available

Full of ideas and wisdom on how to sail in comfort and safety without large cash outlays. Every sailor, whether or not they plan to sail over the horizon, should read the Pardeys.

This book is what the title says. It is the distillation of what the Pardey's have learned in 150,000 miles of sailing on board their two cutters, Seraffyn and Taleisin, and on scores of other boats they have delivered or raced. Lin and Larry tell how they have sailed in comfort and safety without large cash outlay- on a pay-as-you-earn-as-you-go plan and by simplifying.

In its first edition, this invaluable text has seen nine reprints. Now Lin and Larry have updated and revised the information to make it current and a valuable edition to any sailor's library right up to the millennium. 


Larry and Lin Pardey
320 pages
Dimensions (IN):
8.5 x 5.7
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