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Amazing Weather Facts and Trivia

Spiral-Concealed Hardcover, 192pp, 9780785828365
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Each book in the 6.5in x 8in Amazing Facts and Trivia series is beautifully illustrated and contains hundreds of colorful pieces of artwork, photographs, and diagrams. These quirky books are designed to be opened to any page so that readers can discover intriguing stories, facts, tips, and trivia.

This captivating book contains a treasury of fascinating facts on the science, art, history, folklore, and mythology of the weather--a fundamental process that shapes the earth's environment.  It's beautifully illustrated throughout with images of weather phenomena from the ground, the air, and from space, as well as clear diagrams that explain how various elements of the weather work.  Includes lists, tables, and anecdotes of weather records, extreme events, and surprising facts about the weather. 

Whether you are caught in a heavy rain shower, feeling overhwelmed in the heat of the Sun or digging yourself out of a snowdrift—and even if you are just going about your everyday routines—the weather affects you. It helps you determine what you can and cannot do, how you dress, your behavior, even your health. And if you are in business, the weather can affect your sales, too.


Spiral-Concealed Hardcover
Jack Challoner
Published Date:

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