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Animal Record Breakers: Thousands of Amazing Facts and Spectacular Feats

Paperback, 256pp, 7.5 x 10, 9781770857605
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The definitive guide to the most exceptional creatures on Earth, Animal Record Breakers lists the achievers and the unique in the animal kingdom. These are not only records like fastest and largest. These are the truly unusual, like the most bizarre defense (three species of horned lizard can squirt blood from their eyes over a distance of four feet or 1.2 m); and the worst climber (western fence lizards fall out of their oak tree homes about 12,000 times a year). There are myth-busters (centipedes have the most legs, not millipedes) and fascinating stories (two "dead" specimens of desert snail were glued onto a museum display tablet only to come out of hibernation four years later).

In all, there are almost 900 records that show the diversity and wonder of the animal kingdom. They are organized by animal order, family and species: Mammals: 381 records; Birds: 133 records; Reptiles: 101 records; Amphibians: 33 records; Fish: 38 records; and Invertebrates: 191 records.

With stunning photographs throughout, Animal Record Breakers is a celebration of creatures great and small. It will appeal to the entire family, and students and teachers will find it useful for projects and classroom discussion.

The Natural History Museum is a world-class visitor attraction and leading science research center. It cares for more than 80 million specimens spanning billions of years. Over 300 scientists work there, including world-leading experts in their field. Many of them have contributed to this book.


Jane Wisbey
7.5 x 10
Firefly Books
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March 2017
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