Bigfoot Expedition Survival Tool w/Caribiner

Bigfoot Expedition Survival Tool w/Caribiner

Stainless Steel, 2.8 x .75, 2017
  • Laser-cut heavy gauge Stainless Steel, Finished by hand
  • Made in USA
  • 2.8 x .75 inches
  • Includes Bigfoot Field Identification Viewfinder & 10mm wrench
  • Comes with a special caribiner


This handy mutli-tool functions as a keychain, a bottle opener, a Bigfoot sighting device, and a 10mm end wrench. Use it to open a bottle or loosen a common 10mm nut. If you see a strange creature in the woods simply hold up the tool. If the unidentified creature fits inside the Bigfoot sight then it's probably a Sasquatch. Do not approach wild animals when using this tool.


Stainless Steel
2.8 x .75
Paradise Cay Publications
Date Added:
June 2017
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