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Details of Classic Boat Construction: The Hull - 25th Anniversary Edition

Hardcover, 452pp, 10 x 8

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This impressive book shows the process of constructing a boat hull with extensive photographs and drawings and includes ample time-saving procedures.

Larry Pardey is accepted as one of the master craftsman of the wooden-boat building world. He and his wife, Lin, have built two, strong, handsome boats an sailed twice around the world in them.

This book will help you to save money, time, and energy while creating the boat of your dreams. This book will also guide you with the right tools and equipment, planning and detailing as well as how to create and make your own tools. Guides to repairing and maintaining your boat are included as well.


The two appendix which you can view or download here are a supplement to Details of Classic Boat Construction. These appendix originally were part of Details of Classic Boat Construction but are now available on line due to the increased costs of printing and shipping and our desire to keep the price of the printed edition of this book fully affordable.
 Construction Rules for wooden boats by Nathaniel Herreshoff, Henry B. Nevins and Lloyds Register of Shipping - These three sets of rules for the construction methods and scantlings were formulated through years of trial and error. The resulting rules, though formulated by three differfent sources, appear quite similar, but there are important variations that are interesting to compare. I used these rules in making building decisions.
 On choosing Adhesives for Wooden Boat Building -  Saying there is one perfect adhesive for every bonding job is as simplistic as saying there is only one perfect wood, or one paint for every job on the inside and outside of a boat. To be a well-versed boatbuilder, you must know the characteristics of a variety of adhesives to enable you to choose the best one for each situation. This appendix is an overview of adhesives available today. It also explores the problems associated with the epoxy adhesives. The questions raised here about over-reliance on epoxies have not, to this day, been answered.


Larry Pardey
10 x 8
L & L Pardey Books
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April 2016
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