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Kidnapped from the Caribbean: A Cannon and Sparks Adventure Novel Vol.1

Paperback, 258pp, 6 x 9, 9781892399946
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Based on true stories of modern-day piracy, human trafficking, smuggling, and the drug trade involving the theft of charter vessels and private yachts in the Caribbean and Central America, Kidnapped from the Caribbean is a fast-paced thriller of intrigue and corruption. From stonewalling bureaucrats in the White House and the convoluted involvement of the CIA and Interpol, to a wild voyage across the windswept empty stretches of the Caribbean Sea, to Central America and the rain forests of the Amazon, Kidnapped from the Caribbean tells a story of power, money, greed and a vast treasure that drives men to murder and war. A senator’s daughter is inadvertently caught up in a yacht theft and goes missing. Destined to become a sex slave in a third world country, her situation is desperate. But due to partisan politics, the White House seems unwilling to assist her distraught parents in locating her. Enter the experienced investigative team of Brice Cannon and Juliet Sparks, sent to recover a stolen charter yacht who soon find themselves undercover and deeply immersed in the inner circle of Colombian warlords. But are they in too deep this time?


Todd Duff
6 x 9
Seaworthy Publications
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November 2018
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