BBQ, Smoking, Grilling

Hardcover, Elizabeth Orsini, 272pages, 8 x 10, ISBN: 9781604337051
From kebabs and salads, to made-from-scratch sauces and seasonings, bring your garden to your grill with more than 250 mouthwatering vegetarian grilling recipes!  Backyard barbecues aren’t just for burgers and hotdogs! Whether you are dedicated to a lifetime of healthy-living or...

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Hardcover, GUY FIERI, 352pages, 8.2 x 1.1 x 9, ISBN: 9780062469953
When it comes to cooking and eating outdoors, I take it to the extreme. I'm a huge fan of monster-size camping trips and full-tilt backyard parties. Whether you're hosting a poolside barbecue, relaxing around the campfire, or tailgating on game day, my favorite outdoor recipes are guaranteed to...

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Paperback, Brian Misko, 200pages, 9.4 x 8, ISBN: 9781927958100
If you love the taste of barbecue but worry about cooking the perfect steak or if you’re a whiz with burgers but want to grill other foods or if you harbor aspirations of presenting your own smoked brisket to a panel of trained judges, then this book is for you. BBQ Brian has spent more than a...

Paperback, John Carruthers, Jesse Valenciana & John Scholl, 328pages, 7.4 x 0.9 x 9, ISBN: 9780762458691
Thanks to foodies, soft-focus feature spreads, and unbending artisan philosophies, you’d think that cooking has become a rarified skill that only those with a Yelp account and three-hundred dollar knife set can enjoy. It’s easy to forget that delicious food is often loud, messy, and...

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Paperback, John Carruthers & Jesse Valenciana, 256pages, 7.5 x 9, ISBN: 9780762451173
ManBQue  is the next griller’s Bible for those in their 20s and 30s. Dedicated to meat, beer, and rock n’ roll, it starts with the basics: how to grind, assemble, and grill a perfect burger and how to season, sear, and rest a perfect strip steak. Then it moves on to other staples—perfectly...

Paperback, 128pages, 9 x 7.5 x 0.4, ISBN: 9781565238923
There are times when a guy actually likes to cook times like tailgating parties, hunting trips, clambakes, and whenever beer is involved! If you're looking for recipes for these "special" occasions, you'll find plenty of great options in this testosterone-laden cookbook. From barbecue sauces to...

Paperback, Monte Burch, 324pages, 9 x 6 x 1, ISBN: 9781632204714
In an easy to follow manner, writer-outdoorsman Monte Burch explains how to properly preserve meat in a way that is both delicious and healthy. Whether you get your meat from a grocery store or hunt it in the wild,  The Ultimate Guide to Smoking Meat, Fish, and Game  will teach you...

Paperback, Joanna Farrow, 128pages, 8.1 x 5.8 x 0.4, ISBN: 9781504800365
This book gives information on the origins of smoke-curing, the basic smoking processes, raw materials, equipment and storage. In addition there are 25 recipes for meat, game, fish and shellfish.These days, home smoking and curing food is all about creating the best possible flavours....

Paperback, Philip Hasheider, ISBN: 9780760337820
Here's the ideal hands-on guidebook for self-sufficient farmers, ranchers, and hunters with step-by-step instructions on butchering beef, venison, pork, lamb, poultry, and goats. Time-tested advice on how to cure the meat by smoking or salting helps you preserve your harvest. A final section...

Paperback, Philip Hasheider, ISBN: 9780760343753
Expert Philip Hasheider shows you how to turn your hard-earned hunt into delicious cuisine. Truly avid hunters are always looking for ways to get the most out of their game and maximize their yield. Look no further: this book offers essential tips and background information, as well as coveted...

Paperback, Dick & James Strawbridge, 176pages, 8.2 x 5.8, ISBN: 9781770850774
A new series for living the good life!. Made At Home. This exciting series comes from the father-and-son team Dick and James Strawbridge, who live "the good life" on their small acreage. In Made At Home they share the knowledge and experience gained over years of producing an abundance of good...

Paperback, Peg Couch, ISBN: 9781565237254
Weary of the same old burgers, tough steaks and dried-out chicken breasts? Then say goodbye to boring! Use the instructions inside this book to serve a perfectly grilled, yet simple entrée or side dish. . or turn up the heat and go wild! Tangy marinades, savory rubs, zesty basting sauces,...

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Hardcover, Rachael Lane, ISBN: 9781742703008
This is the perfect companion for entertaining and is packed with delectably diverse recipes with mouth-watering flavor! Filled with more than seventy-five recipes that are guaranteed to please even the biggest of grilling fanatics, South American Grill includes an amazing variety of sizzling...

Paperback, Ted Reader, ISBN: 9781615641550
Over 100 recipes for smoking all types of food, as well as for rubs and sauces, and moreFeatures expert tips for smoking success, including common smoking mistakes

Paperback, Wilbur F. Eastman, Jr., 192pages, 6 x 0.6 x 9.1, ISBN: 9781580174572
This no-nonsense guide to canning, freezing, curing, and smoking meat, fish, and game is written in down-to-earth, informative, everyday language. The third edition of this perennial bestseller is completely revised and updated to comply with the latest USDA health and safety guidelines....