Calendar, 10 x 13, 9781631142147

Calendar, 10 x 13, 9781631142123

Calendar, 10 x 13, 9781631142314

Calendar, 10 x 13, 9781631142468

Calendar, 10 x 13, Tall Ships 2019 Calendar

Interactive Calendar, 320pages, 6.5 x 5.5 x 2.5, 9781943645268
The  Bird-A-Day  2018 interactive daily calendar, designed by the Cornell Lab especially for bird lovers, is unlike any other bird calendar.  Bird-A-Day  is the only page-a-day desk calendar series that showcases birds regionally, just like our field guides (one version...

Calendar, 10 x 15, 9780920256909
In its 34th year, America’s #1 sailing calendar captures beautiful sailboats in the world’s most romantic and unspoiled bays and coves. Sailing from the Tuamotus to the Hebrides, from the Seychelles to the coast of Maine, this year’s voyage lingers in the warm, azure...

Calendar, 18 X 24 inches, 97809130811
From the intensity of the competition to the intensity of the colors, the 2018 Ultimate Sailing Calendar brings you a vibrant collection of  images that convey the passion and thrill of yacht racing. Sharon Green brings you the most extreme, exciting, and epic...

Calendar, 9781631141577
Elegant and fast, here are glorious examples of the golden age of motorboating. Sculpted in mahogany, brilliantly varnished, fixtured in chrome, and powered by reciprocating engines of vast displacement, these personal powerboats provided then, as they do today, a sense of...

Calendar, 9781631141584
Classic Sail features sailing craft ranging from traditional working vessels and cruising sailboats, to exciting America's Cup contenders of the past. Kathy Mansfield, whose work is found in nautical magazines, including Wooden boat, Cruising World, and Water Craft, bring together American and...

Calendar, 9781631141607
The call of the sea sound clearly in this calendar from the editors of Cruising World magazine. Escape on a relaxing sail to far-flung ports of call and exotic locales. The Cruising World calendar is ideal for weekend sailors and everyone who loves sailboats and the sea. This is the 30th edition...

Calendar, 9781631141768
How to sail faster than your compatriots? How to round the mark first and find a breeze to keep you ahead? All around America, sailors are planning strategies to overcome the limits of their waterlines and finesse the right of way to tack ahead of the competition. Andrew Sims captures the...