Tips on Planning a Nautical Voyage

Posted by   ROBERT TRIPP
Mar 1, 2023

Here are some practical first steps when planning a nautical voyage.

1. Step One is most important: DO YOUR RESEARCH!

2. If you plan to use paper charts, but don't know which charts you'll need...

  • Start by looking at a map.
  • You can draw some rough lines to indicate your idea of what your route may be.
  • Do some research and learn what are the most traveled routes on this journey.
  • If you'll be cruising in U.S. Waters, check out the NOAA Chart Finder App to help you identify the charts you'll need.
    See a Guide on using the Chart Locator App here
  • If you'll be travelling outside of U.S. Waters, then you may require charts by British Admiralty, Canadian Hydrographics, or other relevant international Hydrographic agencies. Do your research.


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