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Hardcover, AJ Wood & Mike Jolley, 20pages, 9 x 9, 9781786030498
Embark on a journey through nature with this stylish folk-art inspired activity book. With your stylus, etch away at nine beautiful underwater scene to discover fish, seahorses, dolphins, octopuses, and other marvellous marine beasts hidden beneath stunning artwork made up of panels of special...

Paperback, 10pages, 9 x 9, 9781847809322
Create your own colorful habitats with this new coloring in series for young animal enthusiasts. In Ocean, lift the flaps to reveal animals in their natural habitat, from shallow waters to the ocean floor. Then read the accompanying rhyming text to learn about their environment.

Paperback, Amanda Neal, 20pages, 8.5 x 11, 9781937196196
If properly looked after, diesel engines can be amazingly reliable. We got 14,300 hours out of our Volvo TMD31 engine, with almost no problems. You now know that engines need clean fuel, power to start, adequate cooling and lubrication, clean air and preventative maintenance. When you meet these...

Paperback, Lulu Mayo, 64pages, 7 x 9, 9781454710264
Tiny owls. Singing owls. Owls eating snacks, playing instruments, and preening happily on branches: a million adorable owls to color! Everyone loves these pretty birds, and fans will enjoy letting their imagination go wild as they fill in the fabulous illustrations. Each picture has lots of...

Paperback, Valerie Davies & Lucy Engelman , 72pages, 11 x 10, 9781847806970
This is the first book in a series of coloring-in guides to popular subjects such as natural history and fashion, beautifully presented as a book of high-quality decorative black-and-white prints. A Coloring Guide to Creatures Great and Small   features animals from all corners of the globe...

Spiral, Martha Day Zschock, 64pages, 6 x 9, 9781441322715
Scratch and Sketch   your way through America's spectacular natural and cultural wonders! Scratch away the white outlines to bring each amazing scene to life in swirling colors or shiny foil. Book features parks and landmarks from all across America, from the ocean cliffs of...

Spiral, Betsy Kelley, 64pages, 6 x 9, 9781441317476
Scratch and Sketch your way through the world of bugs! From wolf spiders on the lawn to giant millipedes in the forests of East Africa, discover the secret lives of bugs! Find out why a grasshopper is like a catapult and which dragonfly has flown to the top of Mount Everest. Check...

Spiral, Mara Conlon, 64pages, 6 x 9, 9781593598419
Create your very own field guide to butterflies, moths, ladybugs, bees, and other insects! Features 20 sketches of butterflies and friends to copy! Includes wooden stylus for drawing on black-coated paper to reveal glittering, gleaming colors beneath. Wire-o bound hardcover binding...

Paperback, Kerby Rosanes, 48pages, 10 x 10, 9780525536734
A fantastic new, single-sided adult coloring book from the bestselling artist behind   Fantomorphia, Mythomorphia ,   Imagimorphia  and   Animorphia . The perfect stocking stuffer gift for anyone who loves a coloring book challenge!   A coloring book like you've never seen before—perfect...

Postcards, 40pages, 5 x 6.5, 9781683830214
Discover tranquility and peace by coloring in beautiful landscape and wildlife postcards from America’s most iconic national parks. Some of the world’s most beautiful and iconic landscapes are preserved within the US National Park System, and Ian Shive, a leading chronicler of America’s...

Paperback, Tony Millionaire , 96pages, 10 x 10, 9781684152285
A nautical collection of detailed, fun-to-color, irreverent illustrations from critically-acclaimed cartoonist, Tony Millionaire, featuring some his most beloved misfit characters.  Step aboard and experience the strange and beautiful world of award-winning cartoonist Tony Millionaire and his...

Paperback, Millie Marotta, 128pages, 10 x 10, 9781454710882
From  N ew York Times bestselling author Millie Marotta, whose books have sold more than 8-1/2 million copies worldwide: a collection of her best-loved wildlife illustrations !   Millie Marotta’s art celebrates the natural world, with remarkably drawn animals, plants, and...

Paperback, David Woodroffe & Martin Sanders, 128pages, 8.5 x 11, 9781788285483
Landscapes lend themselves perfectly to coloring by numbers as they are so varied and full of detail. In this beautiful collection, readers need not worry about their compositions or which colors to choose as that work has been done for them; instead they can concentrate on enjoying the relaxing...

Paperback, Lizzie Preston, 128pages, 6 x 6, 9781454931676
Color this enchanted book—and release your inner mermaid!   Dive below the waves and discover a fantastic undersea world in this pocket-sized, portable coloring odyssey for kids. Each page brims with mesmerizing mermaids, sea creatures, spooky shipwrecks, and underwater...

Pencils, 11.75" x 10.5" x 0.5, 9781441314512
Create luminous drawings with this deluxe  Studio Series Colored Pencil Set ! Premium colored pencils have soft-core leads for superb color laydown and smooth and easy shading and blending. Let these premium pigments bring your drawings to life. This comprehensive colored pencil set contains:...

Pencils, 8.25" x 7.78" x 1, 9781441321343

Paperback, Jennifer Reynolds, 70pages, 8 x 0.2 x 10 inches, 9781513260761
A celebration of Oregon’s natural beauty, recreational delights, and quirky charms showcasing thirty-two scenes from every corner of the state, this coloring book provides hours of entertainment and relaxation. Bring your creative touch to everything from bikes to bridges to Bigfoot, from...

Paperback, Patricia Moffett, 48pages, 6.5 x 9.5, 9781783122585
Put together these stunning 3-D scenes and enter a fantastic world of mythical beasts!   Build your own magic world where dragons, basilisks, and flaming phoenixes live. Just color the 22 cards, mix and match them any way you like, and slot them into the base to create different scenes. Look...

Paperback, Anna Stiles, 48pages, 6.5 x 9.5, 9781783122592
Create your own magical 3D underwater world with these 22 mix-and-match cards!   Go below the waves with this enchanting interactive book of three-dimensional scenes! Dive into mermaid palaces, shipwrecks, colorful coral, and swirling, shimmering shoals of swimming fish. Kids can color in...

Paperback, 112pages, 8.5 x 11, 9781617455858
Head on down the road and take this fun state-by-state coloring book along for the journey. Log your travels (real or imagined) with these 55 original stamps created by Debra Gabel. With stamps for all 50 states plus 5 national parks, you'll have more than enough to color―even for the longest...

Paperback, Jenny Broom, 96pages, 8.5 x 11, 9780763695552
A beautiful coloring book from the creators of the celebrated book  Animalium Packed with creatures great and small, from the tiniest insect to the mighty humpback whale, this beautiful book is perfect for animal lovers. Color in the animals, complete the scenes, and learn incredible...

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Paperback, Maddy Brook, 128pages, 9 x 11, 9781784288730
The 'Day of the Dead' (or Día de Muertos) is an ancient Mexican custom that dates back thousands of years and honors the souls of those who have died. It has inspired some beautifully macabre and intricate skeleton art that just so happens to make fantastic subjects for dot-to-dot drawing! Each...

Paperback, 64pages, 11.5 x 8, 9781449485252
Let your imagination unfurl!  This beautifully crafted fold-out coloring book features 15 unique coloring templates that allow you to bring a world of deep-sea beauty to life.   Printed on premium weight matte paper and featuring an elastic closure, this book, with 32 accordion-folded...

Paperback, Marcos Chin, 96pages, 10 x 10, 9780062465603
The author and illustrator of the best-selling coloring book  Fairies in Wonderland  brings to life the enchanting, fantastical world of mermaids in this interactive coloring and activity book for all ages, featuring intricate black-and-white line art to color, riddles, and a maze...
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