FAA Charts FAQ

Posted by   ROBERT TRIPP
Jun 24, 2019


Q: Can I have orders shipped to different addresses?


A: Yes, our website allows you to add multiple ship-to addresses under one account. 



Q: Will I be charged tax on chart orders?


A: No



Q: Can I make standing orders (subscriptions to new chart editions as they become available) ? 


A: Yes. To make a standing order please contact melina@paracay.com



Q: How does a standing order work?


A: As new chart editions become available, we will send you the latest editions of the charts you order. For each cycle you will receive only the charts that are updated in that cycle. 


As a cycle approaches and new editions are being printed, there is a brief wait period of approx. three weeks before those charts become available. You may make one time orders of the current edition during this time. A one time order will not affect your standing order. 


Standing orders are valid unitl cancelled. This means you will keep receiving the newest editions of your original order until you cancel the subscription. 

 To make any changes to your existing standing order, contact melina@paracay.com



Q: How does billing work?


A:  For standing orders, we will bill you after the charts ship to you. You will only be billed for the charts that are shipped in a cycle. If you provide a credit card, we can use that to bill your account for one time or standing orders.  If necessary, we can also send an invoice for approval prior to charging your card. Please contact us for more info on billing.


To determine a yearly cost for your standing orders you must figure out how many times the charts you need update in a year and multiply that by the cost of each chart. Refer to the FAA website for more information on chart updates and schedules.


Q:  Can I edit or make adjustments to an existing order?


A: Yes, you can always call or email us with any changes you need to make to a standing order. You cannot, however, use our website to edit an order.



Q:  How often are new editions available? 


A: Sectional and TAC charts update at various dates throughout the calendar year, usually every six months, but this can vary depending on the chart. See the DOLE for info on the latest editions. The DOLE is updated monthly by the FAA.


Enroute High and Low charts are updated every 56 days. 28 and 56 Day Product Schedule (PDF)


Q: I don't see the chart I need on your site. 


A: All of the available FAA charts are listed on our site. If you don't see a chart listed, then it is no longer available. An example of this is the World Charts that have been mostly discontinued by the FAA.  Please refer to the Enroute or VFR charts as replacements for discontinued world charts.


Q: Do I have to use your website to order charts?


A: No, you can always call, fax, or email you chart orders to us.  Spreadsheets are helpful when submitting orders.




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