Dawn Publications

Dawn Publications
Paperback, Ann Ingalls, 32pages, 9 x 10, 9781584696391
A little bird, a big sky, and the first time out of the nest! A robin's first flight is a gentle reminder about what we can accomplish if we just keep trying. As reviewer Sue Lowell Gallion says, "Children (and parents!) experiencing the many firsts of growing up will relate to this lively story...

Paperback, Anthony D. Fredericks, 32pages, 9.75 x 9.75, 9781584696025
There’s a world teeming with life that very few people ever see. Take a peek at some of the animals that make their home in a Tall Tall Tree—a magnificent coast redwood. Count the critters, one through ten—chipmunks chattering, bats roosting, slugs sliding, and many more. Tony Frederick’s...

Paperback, Diane Lang, 32pages, 10 x 11, 9781584696070
“While you are sleeping and when you arise, animals everywhere lead busy lives. Winter or summer, and all the year through, let’s take a look at what some of them do.” Eagles fish for breakfast, bats eat mouthfuls of mosquitoes, squirrels busily gather acorns, and cougars...

Paperback, Marianne Berkes, 32pages, 9 x 10.5, 9781584690344
Both classroom teachers and vacationing parents will find this little book to be a charmer. Counting from one to twelve (one to ten in the Board Book edition), Sue picks up shells-periwinkle, kitten’s paw, scallop-and carefully adds them to her bucket as a gift for Grandma. She and her...

Paperback, Marianne Berkes, 32pages, 9.75 x 9.75, 9781584695936
How do animals carry their babies? Not in backpacks or strollers, but tucked in pouches . . . Gripped in teeth . . . Propped on backs . . . Even underneath! Marianne Berkes’ rhyming verses present some of the many ways that animals carry their young. Cathy Morrison’s magical...

Paperback, Sally Hodson, 32pages, 9 x 11, 9781584691723
ust imagine—you are a young orca whale. Your special friends are two cousins and your 100 year-old great grandmother, the clan leader. You learn to play with them, face danger with them, hunt with them—and even go people-watching with them! Based on actual orca, or killer whale,...

Paperback, Anthony D. Fredericks, 32pages, 9 x 11, 9781584690382
Go on one of Tony’s “field trips between covers” to a special, brilliant habitat-a tidepool. A whole community of creatures lives there! Humor, a fun rhyme, good science, and brilliant illustrations come together in a clear, easily understood package. Two pages of “Field...

Paperback, Laurie Ellen Angus, 32pages, 9 x 11, 9781584695783
Swim along with Octopus as she leaves the safety of her den to search for food. Will she eat? Or will she be eaten? She outwits dangerous enemies by using a dazzling display of defenses-clouds of ink, jet propulsion, camouflage, and more. Oh, yes, Octopus escapes again and again! Supplementary...

Board, Marianne Berkes, 28pages, 9 x 10, 9781584690825
Teachers and parents, take note-this book is already a classic. Two geniuses-the author’s and the illustrator’s-came into perfect alignment to create this book. Marianne’s genius has kids thinking it’s entertainment while adults think it’s a great lesson about the ocean. Jeanette’s genius is,...