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Board, Sara Gillingham, 12pages, 7 x 0.8 x 7, ISBN: 9780811877176
Turn the colorful die-cut pages of this irresistible board book to discover just what makes little dolphin's ocean so cozy. Is it the splashing waves? No, it's his loving family! Bright pictures, sweet reassuring messages, unique layered pages, and an adorable finger puppet combine to create...

Paperback, L. Francis Herreshoff, 349pages, 6 x 9, ISBN: 9781574092875
A much anticipated reissue, in larger format, of the biography of Nathanael G. Herreshoff, who was the greatest yacht and marine designer and builder this country has ever produced. Many of the closely guarded secrets of Captain Nat, the great master, are revealed in these pages. Fully...

Board Book, Adam Gamble, ISBN: 9781602190023
The beach, an iconic fixture of many children’s summers, is artfully celebrated in this boardbook. Designed to soothe children before bedtime while instilling an early appreciation for the environment’s natural wonders, the book features a multicultural group of people experiencing all that the...

Hardcover, Bonnie Worth, 48pages, 6.8 x 0.4 x 9.3, ISBN: 9780375870736
In this latest installment of the Cat in the Hat's Learning Library, the Cat introduces beginning readers to all kinds of sharks! . From the smallest (the dwarf lantern) to the largest (the whale shark), the most notorius (the great white) to the most obscure (the goblin), the Cat explains why...

Paperback, Joe Beelart, 352pages, 7 x 0.8 x 10, ISBN: 9780692380819
The Oregon Bigfoot Highway A travel book celebrating adventure and history along Oregon’s National Scenic Byway No. 5 The Oregon Bigfoot Highway (The OBH) is a collection of 31 Bigfoot sighting reports, 43 Bigfoot track finds, and 69 Bigfoot related incidents in the wild forest of the...

Magnet, 4.0 X 2.25, ISBN: 760999953434
Laser cut steel with Rare Earth magnet. False bronze patina appllied.

Magnet, 3 x 2.1
Laser cut steel. Uses a strong rare earth magnet. Antique bronze finish applied

Paperback, David George Gordon, 172pages, 0.5 x 5.5 x 7.5, ISBN: 9781594859410
Bestselling writer and naturalist David George Gordon delves into the remarkable history of one of the most iconic creatures of the Pacific Northwest: Sasquatch. This new field guide introduces readers to the Sasquatch, also popularly known as Bigfoot in nature, in myth, and in modern culture....

Paperback, Michael Newton, 192pages, 9 x 6 x 0.7, ISBN: 9780764336225
Is it possible that unusual creatures share the Pacific Northwest with its 10.3 million human occupants? It's true! Oregon and Washington have "misplaced" alien invaders, such as a half-inch flea, a giant spider with a leg span of three inches, and a snakehead fish (made famous of late in four...

Magnet, 5 X 1.5
Laser-cut steel with finish applied. Strong Rare Earth magnet glued on the back. Each one is unique.

Paperback Pop-Up, Eryl Norris, 18pages, 5 x 1.1 x 6, ISBN: 9781499801408
Find out which pair of eyes belong to which woodland animal in this engaging novelty book with pop-ups on every page! It’s nighttime in the woods and there are eyes peeping out from the darkness—but who do they belong to? Pop-ups on each page reveal different woodland animals,...

Paperback, Georgie Woolridge, 80pages, 11.1 x 10.2 x 0.6, ISBN: 9781250095039
An entire world exists beneath the waves, and now you can bring it to vibrant life with your colored pencils, markers, or even watercolor paint!  Waterlife  presents a new kind of mindful coloring book, containing over 35 astounding drawings inspired by illustrator Georgie Woolridge's travels in...

Hardcover, 64pages, 6.5 x 8, ISBN: 9781465457561
What shapes the shore? What causes tides? Packed with facts and activities, this book has these answers and more, and is a perfect introduction to the world of shells, fish, and birds for kids who are curious about nature. With amazing facts about fun topics like shell shapes and rock...

Paperback, Anthony D. Fredericks, 32pages, 9 x 11, ISBN: 9781584690382
Go on one of Tony’s “field trips between covers” to a special, brilliant habitat-a tidepool. A whole community of creatures lives there! Humor, a fun rhyme, good science, and brilliant illustrations come together in a clear, easily understood package. Two pages of “Field...

Magnet, 3 x 2.2, ISBN: 760999953663
Laser cut steel with false bronze patina applied. Rare earth magnet on the back.

Current Edition: DEC 05, Next Edition: DEC 02 2021
U. S. VFR Wall Planning Chart is designed for VFR preflight planning and provides aeronautical and topographic information of the conterminous U. S. The aeronautical information includes airports, radio aids to navigation, Class B airspace and special use a

Paperback, Pat Jacobs, 32pages, 9 x 0.1 x 11, ISBN: 9780753467916
This brand-new addition to the IWW series is a whirlwind journey through the history of pirates and smugglers, from ancient times all the way to the present day. Readers will learn all about life on board a pirate ship, the jobs that pirates did, how they attacked other ships and stole their...

Paperback, Johanna Basford, 80pages, 10 x 0.4 x 10, ISBN: 9780143108993
From the creator of the worldwide bestsellers  Secret Garden  and  Enchanted Forest , a beautiful new coloring book that takes you on a magical journey beneath the waves   With  Lost Ocean , Johanna Basford invites color-inners of all ages to discover an enchanting underwater world hidden in...

Cards, 3.6 x 2.5, ISBN: 9781591933892
This gorgeous deck features real photos of 52 of the most common and interesting mammal species of the Northwestern states, including the Pronghorn, Mountain Lion, Bighorn Sheep and more! Wildlife lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate having these playing cards for their favorite games...

Spiral-bound Hardcover, Heather Zschock, 64pages, 6 x 8.5, ISBN: 9781593599058
Dive in for hours of fun and creativity as your artwork appears like magic while you learn about 20 of the ocean's most fascinating creatures. Ages 6 and up. Shrink-wrapped with a wooden stylus for drawing on black-coated paper to reveal colors beneath. 64 pages. Includes 20 scratch-off, 20...

Paper, Paper Chart, 40 x 31
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This combined offer includes copies of World Voyage Planner, World Cruising Routes, World Cruising Destinations, and Cornell's Ocean Atlas

Magnet, 2.9 x 2.8, ISBN: 760999953632
Laser cut steel with false bronze patina applied. Rare earth magnet on the back.

Cards, 3.6 x 2.5, ISBN: 9781591933922
This gorgeous deck of cards features real photos of 52 of the most common and interesting trees of the Northwestern states. Trees are all around us in this land of mountains, forests and shorelines, and you can enjoy learning their names while playing your favorite card games.