Astronomy: A Visual Guide - Revised Edition

Hardcover, 352 pages, 8.5 x 10 x 1.6 inches, ISBN: 9781465473622
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Space & Astronomy for Kids :Astronomy: A Visual Guide - Revised Edition


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An accessible but genuinely comprehensive illustrated handbook of every aspect of astronomy, featuring the latest discoveries and the most recently available images of the universe.

Take a tour of the universe, from the 90-mile-wide impact craters on the moon to Jupiter's Great Red Spot--a 400 mph swirling storm that started before anyone on Earth was born.

This stunningly illustrated handbook is split into eight sections that cover every aspect of astronomy. Learn about the history of discoveries in the field and astronomical phenomena, from the earliest human civilizations to the present day, and then take a lavish visual tour of our solar system, complete with the most recent photographs of the planets. A definitive month-by-month guide to the night sky, with star charts for the northern and southern hemispheres, and an almanac covering astronomical events that are due to occur over the next 10 years, allow you to find your way around the night sky and locate stars, galaxies, and other objects. With over 100 star charts and profiles of all 88 constellations, as well as detailed tips on how to observe the skies using the naked eye, binoculars, and telescopes, Astronomy is perfect for avid amateur astronomers, and a great reference book for the whole family.


352 pages
8.5 x 10 x 1.6 inches
ISBN: 9781465473622
Date Added:
Sept 2018
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