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Paperback, Stephen J. Pavlidis, 294pages, 0.7 x 8.6 x 10.6, ISBN: 9781892399366
A Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands, 2nd edition, is the completely updated version of Steve Pavlidis' comprehensive guide to the Leeward Islands that stretch from the northernmost, Anguilla to the southernmost, Dominica. Now in full-color with many new charts and aerial photos of the...

Map, 4.5 x 9, ISBN: 9781931494168
Waterproof map ideal for scuba divers, snorkelers, sailors and tourists. Includes paved roads, dirt roads, overnight/day anchorage, points of interest, lodging/places to stop, water depth contours (meters), soundings, GPS coordinates, sailing routes, scuba sites, snorkel sites, dive shops....

Laminated Card, 5.5 x 8.5, ISBN: 9781601905383
Stunning photographs make identification of 21 species of coral, sponge and other creatures easy. Also, a fantastic souvenir of your Caribbean dive or snorkel trip. Laminated, 5.5" x 8.5" with hole for lanyard.

Map, 9 x 4, ISBN: 9781601902771
Printed in both sides of durable waterproof material. On one side, is a display of the entire seas, and on the other side a display of the seas with lables and information about each island, including size, population and a bit of history. Marine life is represented by the common species...

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 158pages, 8 x 11, ISBN: 9781892399397
A complete guide to cruising in Puerto Rico including the Spanish Virgin Islands with 53 detailed, full-color charts, color photos, GPS waypoints, piloting instructions for the whole island chain. Now includes the north coast ports of the Dominican Republic.

Spiral, Chris Doyle and Lexi Fisher, 9 x 6 x 1, ISBN: 9781733305303
This 16th edition (2020-2021) is split into two guides, The Cruising Guide to the Northern Leeward Islands and The Cruising Guide to the Southern Leeward Islands. The Cruising Guide to the Northern Leeward Islands picks up where The Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands ends, covering the islands...

Spiral, Chris Doyle and Lexi Fisher, 6 x 9 x 1, ISBN: 9781733305310
This 16th edition (2020-2021) is split into two guides, The Cruising Guide to the Northern Leeward Islands and The Cruising Guide to the Southern Leeward Islands. The Cruising Guide to the Southern Leeward Islands picks up where The Cruising Guide to the Northern Leeward Islands ends, and...

Paperback, Stephen J. Pavlidis, 216pages, 10.7 x 8.3, ISBN: 9781892399359
Product Description This is the new 2nd edition of the famous Pavlidis Guide to the Virgin Islands. Printed in 2011, the new 2nd edition covers the entire Virgin Islands region including US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands. A comprehensive cruising guide including 84 accurate sketch charts....

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Spiral-Bound, Chris Doyle, 256pages, 9 x 6.6, ISBN: 9780944428962
Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados and Guyana are fast becoming the most popular destinations for cruising yachtsmen in the Caribbean. This new edition is the most comprehensive of its type published for this area.

$13.98 $27.95  
Paperback, Chris Doyle, 302pages, 6 x 9, ISBN: 9780944428788
The latest edition of this seriously researched guide to this area. Includes color aerial photos of many anchorages, clear, concise navigation charts and much information on shore side activities, facilities, more. Trusted and much used.

Paperback, Stephen J. Pavlidis, ISBN: 9781892399373
A Cruising Guide to the Windward Islands, 2nd ed. is the completely updated version of Steve Pavlidis comprehensive Windward Islands guide that covers the stretch of islands from Martinique to Trinidad and Tobago known as the Windward Islands. Now in full-color with many new charts and...

Flex, 552pages, 5.1 x 1.1 x 8.7, ISBN: 9781465441140
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: The Caribbean  will lead you straight to the best attractions this island paradise has to offer. Packed with photographs, illustrations, and detailed mapping of 130 Caribbean islands, the guide explores every facet of the irresistible islands, from Harrison's...

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Paperback, Thomas Cook Publishing, 128pages, 0.3 x 6.5 x 4.1, ISBN: 9781848484528
Compact and practical guides for sun seekers and city breakers

Paperback, Jacques Patuelli, 300pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9781846235818
This popular book covering the Caribbean from Grenada and Barbados to the Virgin Islands is a translation from Jacques Patuelli's original French version. Each island is dealt with in detail and pilotage notes are followed by tourist information and the usual data on formalities and facilities....

Paperback, Alan E. Spears, 185pages, 10.8 x 8.5, ISBN: 9780939837205
A summary of the legal requirements, procedures and protocols required upon entering and leaving popular cruising areas in the Caribbean. Includes many of the actual clearance forms. A great aid and time saver for the cruising skipper and crew.

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 348pages, 8 x 11, ISBN: 9781892399281
From Grand Bahama and the Abacos South to Cat Island Crossing the Great Bahama Bank The Abacos The Berry Islands Grand Bahama New Providence The Biminis Eleuthera Andros Cat Island Completely Updated Versions of the Pavlidis Bahamas Guides. All Original Charts Based on Personal Surveys Conducted...

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 385pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9781892399380
An excellent and much-needed cruising guide to this region. Includes the northern coast of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Bay Islands and Mainland Honduras, Guatemala and the Rio Dulce. Loaded with sketch charts, photos. Spiral-bound. Another fine guide by Stephen Pavlidis.

Map & Field Guide, 14pages, 5 x 9, ISBN: 9781583559673
The Puerto Rico Adventure Set consists of a Pocket Naturalist Guide and National Geographic Map, offering a perfect resource for travelers wanting "hands on" information on what to see and where to go to find some of the world's most dramatic natural attractions. Waterford's Caribbean Birds...

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 295pages, 8 x 11, ISBN: 9781892399298
From Cat Island South to the Turks & Caicos~Dominican Republic North Coast Cat Island The Jumentos Conception Island and Ragged Island Rum Cay The Crooked Island District San Salvador Mayaguana Long Island Inagua The Turks and Caicos Islands The Dominican Republic North Coast Ports...

Spiral-Bound, Chris Doyle, Lexi Fisher, 432pages, 6 x 9, ISBN: 9780997854077
This guide picks up where The Cruising Guide to the Southern Leeward Islands ends and is revised and updated for 2019-2020. After 36 years in print, this book continues to be the best selling cruising guide to the Windward Islands. Features include: aerial color photos, full color sketch charts,...

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Folded, Waterproof Recreation Map, 4.25" x 95", ISBN: 9781566952446
With more than 250 titles available for America's favorite outdoor destinations, Trails Illustrated maps are the most trusted and popular recreation maps available. Continually setting the standard for accuracy, each map is crafted in conjunction with local land managers and undergoes rigorous...

Paperback, Stephen Pavlidis, 238pages, 10.7 x 8.2, ISBN: 9781892399311
This is the new updated version of the famous Exuma Guide by Stephen J. Covers every harbor, cove, pass and anchorage as well as every major reef, head, sand bank throughout the entire island chain. New and improved charts showing lat/long and distance.

Laminated Card, 5.5 x 8.5, ISBN: 9781601903402
Perfect for divers, snorkelers and nature lovers! Side One is a mini-map of the Turk Islands and the Caicos Islands, with dive sites named and located. Side Two is a fish identification guide with nearly 100 species illustrated. This convenient, waterproof reference is made of rigid, laminated...

Paperback, Steven J. Pavlidis, ISBN: 9781892399403
New Edition now available
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