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Maritime & Naval History

Hardcover, Roger Taylor, ISBN: 9780939511433
NEW Herresoff book.  Makes the perfect Christmas gift for any sailor on your list

Paperback, David Barrie, 384pages, 5.3 x 0.9 x 8, ISBN: 9780062279354
In the tradition of Dava Sobel's  Longitude  comes sailing expert David Barrie's compelling and dramatic tale of invention and discovery—an eloquent elegy to one of the most important navigational instruments ever created, and the daring mariners who used it to explore, conquer,...

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Hardcover, John Boyle, 304pages, 6 x 1.2 x 9, ISBN: 9781472912671
For the first time in history, the navies of the world have united against a common enemy--a couple of thousand rag-tag, underfed men and boys in the western Indian Ocean. Crammed into open boats and armed with ancient AK-47s, they range up to a thousand miles from home shores in Somalia. No one...

Paperback, Theodore Schellhase, 176pages, 9 x 5.9 x 0.6, ISBN: 9780764331978
Explore the early history of Oregon by delving into the journals of explorers Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson, and Lewis & Clark. Read about journeys into Oregon and first encounters with Native Americans on the coast. Hear legends of white-winged ships that first came to these shores...

Paperback, Angus Konstam, 128pages, 7.5 x 0.4 x 5.1, ISBN: 9781472808691
Ships have been part of military campaigns since the Ancient world, and this expertly illustrated and detailed Spotter's Guide offers a look at the 40 most iconic and recognizable ships throughout history. From the Viking longship through to the powerful modern aircraft carriers, and from the...

Paperback, Lincoln Paine, 784pages, 9.6 x 7.1 x 1.9, ISBN: 9781101970355
A monumental retelling of world history through the lens of maritime enterprise, revealing in breathtaking depth how people first came into contact with one another by ocean and river, lake and stream, and how goods, languages, religions, and entire cultures spread across and along the world’s...

Paperback, Michael P. Rich, 128pages, 6.5 x 95, ISBN: 9781467132428
The San Diego Harbor Police Department has proudly provided more than 50 years of law enforcement. From its humble beginnings as a small security force formed after World War II to protect San Diego imports to the modern and sophisticated police force it is today, the San Diego Harbor Police...

Paperback, Captain Heinrich Paasch, 412pages, 8.5 x 5.8, ISBN: 9781628738018
Captain Heinrich Paasch was the first to recognize the complexity and variety in marine vocabulary and technical terminology and the inherent need for a cohesive classification of nautical terms. Equipped with over thirty-five years of seafaring experience, including as a sailor, captain, and...

Hardcover, Nigel Rowe, 224pages, 12.5 x 9 x 1, ISBN: 9781472903464
Tall ships epitomize the glamour, majesty and romance of the sea. This book—supported and endorsed by Sail Training International—is a celebration of tall ships today, shining a spotlight on the world’s most interesting and glamorous tall ships, the most spectacular regattas,...

Paperback, Frank Lanier, 208pages, 9 x 6, ISBN: 9780071825269
A nautical trivia book on steroids, learn why it is a Blue Monday and other expressions with a nautical past Jack Tar and the Baboon Watch  is a  Ripley's Believe It or Not  for the mariner—everything odd, weird, and unbelievable. Mariner and author Frank Lanier began...

Paperback, Stephen R. Bown, ISBN: 9780306822667
 The Last Viking unravels the life of the man who stands head and shoulders above all those who raced to map the last corners of the world. In 1900, the four great geographical mysteries-the Northwest Passage, the Northeast Passage, the South Pole, and the North Pole-remained blank spots on...

Hardcover, Theresa Levitt, ISBN: 9780393068795
How a scientific outsider came up with a revolutionary theory of light and saved untold numbers of lives. . Augustin Fresnel (1788–1827) shocked the scientific elite with his view of the physics of light. The lens he invented was a feat of engineering that made lighthouses blaze many...

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Paperback, Fritz Timmen, ISBN: 9780764303180
All aboard for a trip back to the glory days of steamboating. This book is packed with history, photographs, and tales highlighting the personalities of various ships and the men who ran them. . Colorful paddle-wheelers that carried goods and passengers to help develop the pioneer American West...

Hardcover, Dr. Barry Gough, ISBN: 9781550175738
From internationally recognized author and historian Barry Gough, here is another riveting history of exploration on the high seas. . The tale begins in sixteenth-century Venice, when explorer Juan de Fuca encountered English merchant Michael Lok and relayed a fantastic story of a marine...

$14.98 $29.95  
Featuring three programs. Pacific Firepower: 25 days of hell to take Saipan. Guam took 17 days of straight air attacks and bombing, paving the way for our massive anphib landings. The Battle Of Rabaul: Having taken Guadalcanal and Papua, New Guinea we planned a major encirclement of New Britain....

$14.98 $29.95  
Featuring 81 classes of fighting ships and warbirds of the fleet in motion picture profile. From carriers such as Nimitz, Eisenhower, Enterprise, Kitty Hawk to missile cruisers and aerial fleet weapons including A7 Corsair, Hawkeye, A6 Intruder, F14 Tomcat and much more.

Paperback, Nathaniel Philbrick, ISBN: 9780143111979
Nathaniel Philbrick became an internationally renowned author with his National Book Award- winning In the Heart of the Sea, hailed as "spellbinding" by Time magazine. In Mayflower, Philbrick casts his spell once again, giving us a fresh and extraordinarily vivid account of our most sacred...

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Paperback, Ken Jennings, 304pages, 9 x 6 x 0.9, ISBN: 9781439167182
Ken Jennings takes readers on a world tour of geogeeks from the London Map Fair to the bowels of the Library of Congress, from the prepubescent geniuses at the National Geographic Bee to the computer programmers at Google Earth. Each chapter delves into a different aspect of map culture:...

Paperback, Laurence Bergreen, 430pages, 6 x 9, ISBN: 9780060936389
A vivid account of Magellan's thoroughly terrifying first circumnavigation of the globe. Includes first-person accounts never before available in English. Filled with sex, violence and unprecedented adventures.

Paperback, Peter D. Jeans, 370pages, 6 x 9, ISBN: 71486569
A wonderfully entertaining miscellany of maritime myths, superstitions, fable and even fact. Presented in a relaxed style displaying a passion for the classic and sometimes obscure nautical tales of pirates, mermaids, castaways and buccaneers.

Paperback, Olivia A. Isil, 125pages, 7 x 7, ISBN: 9780070328778
A salty collection of over 250 words, phrases and sayings that have become common in English usage. Arranged alphabetically and each entry is accompanied by a full explanation of origins and use. For lovers of English and the sea.

Hardcover, John G. Rogers, 215pages, 5.75 x 8.75, ISBN: 9780913372319
1,249 entries pertaining to shipboard life, hulls, rigging, Shiphandling, sea and weather conditions, naval and technical terms. Emphasis is on word roots and original usage.

Paperback, Horace Beck, 544pages, 6 x 9, ISBN: 9780913372364
Fascinating collection of true and apocryphal stories from the oral tradition of those living by and on the ocean. No other book like it.

Paperback, Jim Christley, illust. by Tony Bryan, 48pages, 7.25 X 9.75, ISBN: 9781841768595
A fine examination of the fleet submarines of the U. S. Navy during WWII. Archival photos combine with detailed artwork to bring these fascinating vessels to vivid life. Features detailed cutaways and interior photos.
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