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Nautical Charts & Books

Paradise Cay Publications offers a complete line of nautical Books and nautical Charts used for navigation and mariner trainingWe are an authorized print agent for NOAA charts and NGA print-on-demand nautical charts. In addition, we a certified seller for Canadian Hydrographic charts. Our charts and many of our books are printed in-house. We use modern printers to produce high-quality certifed products at a fair price for our customers, with generous margins to our dealers. Wholesale inquiries welcome.

Most of our NOAA and NGA charts and maps are available in Traditional Paper, Waterproof, Small Format Waterproof, and BookletChart styles. Beyond their value as navigational tools, many of these charts can make a great piece of wall decoration for your boathouse, beachhouse, or home. 

12.5 x 3 inches, ISBN: 721002001207
The Weems Parallel Plotter is our most popular rolling plotter. It is mounted on an aluminum roller assembly that allows you to plot courses and parallel lines with simple direct transfer and doesn’t require the space that traditional parallel rules or triangles need. The roller keeps the...

17.5 x 6 inches, ISBN: 721002001863
The Basic Navigation Set provides the essential navigation instruments required for basic navigation, such as finding position, range, and bearing to a destination. The set, packaged in a clear, reusable plastic case, includes four tools; the Weems Protractor (255) (an updated version of Breton...

7 x 1.8 inches, ISBN: 721002001764
Our Ultralight Dividers are the perfect tools to fill out your navigation kit. They are the best-selling navigation tool in our whole product line, and for good reason. Constructed of coated marine alloy to resist corrosion, these durable dividers are fully adjustable and easy to use. They...

10.4 x 10.4 inches, ISBN: 721002001504
The Star Finder 2102-D is an invaluable tool for celestial navigators to locate and identify, by altitude and azimuth, the 57 stars listed in air and nautical almanacs. It can also be used by amateur star gazers for general star identification.Special diagrams permit rapid check of hour angle...

15 x 2.6 inches, ISBN: 721002001450
The 15-inch (38.1 cm) Value Parallel Rule is a basic parallel rule without a protractor scale. Ideal for teaching applications, this clear acrylic & aluminum parallel rule is used to plot a course from a compass rose on a chart.  15-inches (38.1 cm) long Brushed aluminum arms...

15 x 2.5 inches, ISBN: 721002001412
Of all our traditional parallel rules, the 15-inch (38.1cm) Brushed Aluminum Arm Parallel Rule is a best-seller. This sturdy acrylic parallel rule includes a protractor scale, is easy to use, and is a necessary tool for every seagoing navigator. The two straight-edged rules are connected to...

12 x 2.5 inches, ISBN: 721002001405
This sturdy 12-inch (30.48cm) parallel rule with brushed aluminum arms is inscribed with a protractor scale. It is used to plot direction on a nautical chart from any convenient meridian or compass rose. The two straight-edged rules are connected to maintain the same angle. By walking the rules...

18 x 2.6 inches, ISBN: 721002001382
The 18-inch (45.72cm) Aluminum Arms Parallel Rule feature aluminum arms that join two clear acrylic rulers inscribed with a protractor scale. An essential item in any proper navigation kit, these rules are used to plot direction on a nautical chart from any convenient meridian or compass rose....

7.25 x 7.25 inches, ISBN: 721002001054
The Nautical Slide Rule offers a foolproof, immediate solution to all common speed/time/distance problems and is convertible to statute or nautical miles. It also allows the user to compute distance in yards if the speed is factored in knots. The Nautical Slide Rule is sometimes referred to as a...

ISBN: 721002007834
The Professional Protractor Triangle with handle is larger than other navigation triangles on the market, with sides that are 9-1/4 inches (23.50cm) long and a hypotenuse (long side) 13-inches (33.02cm) long. Its clean, uncluttered design is inscribed with contrast enhancing colors (red &...

11 x 5.8 inches, ISBN: 721002003140
Often used in a combination of two, our Protractor Triangle provides a straightforward method of plotting and performing chart work. Each triangle is inscribed with black markings. The protractor scale on the triangle can aid in drawing a bearing line on a chart, and the 90° angle is helpful...

11 x 7.75 inches, ISBN: 721002001016
Often used in a combination of two, our Protractor Triangle with Handle provides a straightforward method of plotting and performing chart work. Each triangle is inscribed with contrast enhancing colors (red & black), plus a handle that holds a pencil, making it convenient and easy to use....

Spiral-Bound, 6.5 x 9.5 inches

Paperback, Rebecca Simon, 256 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, ISBN: 9781642503371
For Fans of True-Life Pirate Stories "Only someone who has lived in the shadows chasing faded pirates for an age, and is blessed with creativity, can pull off a book of this high caliber." ― Wreck Watch Magazine #1 New Release in Globalization How the global manhunt for Captain...

B4, Stainless Steel, 1.75 x 1.2 inches
Designed and Made in USA. Laser-cut stainless steel is super durable. Includes SQUATCH brand keyring.

Paperback, 7 pages, 36 x 16 inches
Charts are non-returnable

Personalized options available

Paperback, Capt. Pat Rains, 260 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, ISBN: 9780963847027
New Updated edition, 2018-2021. Nautical guidebook (272 pages) for boaters (sail & power) to all the marinas, anchorages & services along Pacific Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama - also Mexico's Gulf Coast, Yucatan Channel, NW Cuba, Belize, Rio Dulce, Honduras and...

Charts are non-returnable

Personalized options available

Paperback, Charles and Margo Wood, 212 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, ISBN: 9781951116439
New 8th edition features colored maps and a revised layout for improved readability!  Previously updated in 2011 with the extensive knowledge of Captain Holly Scott from her many adventures in Polynesia. Additionally, we have received and incorporated many updates on anchorages and marina...

The Outlaw Ocean
Paperback, Ian Urbina , 576 pages, 5 x 8 inches, ISBN: 9781101972373
A riveting, adrenaline-fueled tour of a vast, lawless, and rampantly criminal world that few have ever seen: the high seas. There are few remaining frontiers on our planet. But perhaps the wildest, and least understood, are the world's oceans: too big to police, and under no clear...

Waterproof Cards, John E. Sherry, 12 pages, 3.5 x 2.25 inches
ro-Knot  The waterproof portable fly fishing knots guide! With over 1 million knot cards sold and more 5 Star reviews than any other knot book author - over 4,000, Pro-Knot is America's favorite knot reference. This Fly Fishing Knot card set will serve you well whether you are a beginner to...

Paperback, Caroline Van Hemert, 320 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, ISBN: 9780316414449
For fans of Cheryl Strayed, the gripping story of a biologist's human-powered journey from the Pacific Northwest to the Arctic to rediscover her love of birds, nature, and adventure.   During graduate school, as she conducted experiments on the peculiarly misshapen beaks of chickadees,...

Jimmy Cornell 4-PACK
Jimmy Cornell
Four pack includes, Ocean Atlas, Routes, Planner, and 200k.

Paperback, Dave Perry
Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing through 2024 written by Dave Perry, with Brad Dellenbaugh illustrations, extensive quotes from the US Sailing Appeals and World Sailing Cases, and a simplified version of the rules for newcomers.
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