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Wayne Horodowich has done it again. His recently released Volume 5 in the USK In-Depth series is an extremely easy way to learn how to brace your kayak. Wayne's experience as a member of the US National Kayak Team and his experience as a college educator really comes through in this video. Wayne takes you through all of the steps of how to learn to brace. First he has you practice the moves on a lawn, then he moves you into sitting in shallow water without a kayak and repeating the moves. Then it's time to try it in the boat in shallow water so you won't capsize, and finally its time to practice in deeper water. The video takes you through slap braces, high and low static braces, high and low sweep braces, sculling braces, and more. This is not your ordinary 50 minute video. Keeping in mind that the rest of the videos in this series are all well over an hour, Wayne has packed almost two hours of instruction into this video. No kayaker's video library is complete without this volume. Not only is it good to use to refine and/or learn how to brace, but it shows you some good techniques for teaching others to brace.


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University of Sea Kayaking

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