Can Squid Fly?

Paperback, 160 pages, 6 x 8.8 inches, ISBN: 9781574093063



Using the same question-and-answer format of his highly successful first book Do Whales Get the Bends', marine expert Tony Rice sets out to answer another selection of general interest questions about the sea, sea life, and man s relationship with the oceans. Among the questions:- Where and what is the Bermuda Triangle' What are sea wasps' Why is a ship s control room called a bridge' What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch' What causes the Northern/Southern Lights' Written in the same entertaining style as the first book, and once again illustrated with black and white line drawings, Can Squid Fly' will answer these and many more intriguing questions. Inspired by questions raised while the author was a guest lecturer on cruise ships, this fascinating and informative book is a light-hearted yet surprisingly informative read for anyone interested in the sea. Each bite-sized entry is no more than two or three pages long, making it ideal to dip into.


Tony Rice
160 pages
6 x 8.8 inches
ISBN: 9781574093063
Sheridan House

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