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Kit w/Paperback, Michael G. LaFosse, 64pages, 7.5 x 10, 9780804849586
Make striking, classic origami designs with this easy origami kit. From world-renowned origami artist Michael G. LaFosse comes this affordable collection of classic origami paper craft projects—featuring traditional designs, as well as new twists on old favorites.  Classic Origami for...

Paperback, Michael G. LaFosse, 64pages, 7 x 10, 9780804849586
Make striking, classic origami designs with this easy origami kit. From world-renowned origami artist Michael G. LaFosse comes this affordable collection of classic origami paper craft projects—featuring traditional designs, as well as new twists on old favorites.  Classic Origami for...

Paperback, John Szinger , 63pages, 8 x 8 x 1, 9780804849241
Fly high with realistic paper models of some of the most astonishing aircraft and spacecraft ever designed! The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum hosts seven million visitors annually—a testament to our enduring fascination with flight. Noted origami artist John Szinger has created...

Hardcover, Larissa Costello, 160pages, 6 x 8, 9781510730564
Do you love to be by the coast, walks along the beach, fishing in the sea, or hiking through the cliffs? Collecting shells, trinkets, and other items along the beach is one of the greatest ways to remember the fun you had. This coastal-themed craft book includes a variety of projects for anyone...

Paperback, Mari Ono , 128pages, 9 x 9, 9781782496373
Take a trip to the sea with these 35 ocean-based origami projects from bestselling author Mari Ono. Includes 50 sheets of origami paper. Take a trip to the sea with these 35 ocean-based origami projects from bestselling author Mari Ono. Taking inspiration from the BBC's  Blue Planet  series,...

Hardcover, Rebecca Ruger - Wightman, 160pages, 9 x 11, 9781631582554
Sea glass is the beautiful result of broken glass being naturally polished and smoothed by the ocean’s currents for extended periods of time. These beautiful jewels become weathered and frosted from abrasion and erosion in salt water, giving them a distinctly beautiful, jewel-like...

Paperback, 976pages, 8 x 10, 9780762465446
This complete, all-in-one, easy-to-follow resource, from the reliable experts at  Fine Woodworking magazine covers everything you need to know about woodworking--from carving to building to finishes-- reformatted t o fit snuggly into any home library. Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How...

Paperback, 98pages, 6 x 9, 9781570670718
Learn the secrets of tie-dying and create your own beautiful fabrics. This user-friendly book will show you how to create seven unique and beautiful designs. Clear, simple instructions, including photos of each stage of the tieing and dying, will guide you through the process. Full color photos...

Paperback, 240pages, 8.5 x 11, 9781631869396
For woodworkers, hand tools put the emphasis on the process of woodworking rather than the result.  Yet hand tools also are essential to the highest level of craftsmanship, bringing a refinement to work that machines alone cannot produce. Whether using hand tools alone as a source of...

Paperback, Jim Tolpin, 208pages, 8.5 x 11, 9781561582723
A complete survey of toolboxes for everyone who values tools. Popular Fine Woodworking author Jim Tolpin's illustrated guide shows tool storage solutions from rugged, old-time journeymen's chests to today's versatile truck boxes. Tool users learn to plan and design boxes to increase...

Paperback, Debbie & Mike Schramer, 192pages, 8 x 10, 9781939629692
Fairy House  is a fascinating adventure into the making of miniscule kingdoms of the fairytale realm from objects found in nature. Through more than 350 clear, detailed, full-color photographs and understandable yet whimsical guidance, the reader will learn to fashion intricate, tiny cups from...

Paperback, Stephen Moss, A. Bridgewater, G. Bridgewater, 160pages, 8.5 x 11, 9781504800846
Making your own bird boxes and feeders is a rewarding and environmentally sound way to enhance any garden by attracting birds. The food we supply in winter can mean the difference between life and death for small birds, and in spring and summer bird boxes help many species to raise their...

Hardcover, 208pages, 12 x 12, 9781629148014
It is a known fact of the universe that duct tape can fix anything. If it’s broken, just add duct tape! For generations this has been the case, and now thanks to, there’s one more thing duct tape can fix—boredom! Duct tape has come a long way since being a simple metallic...

Paperback, Nan McNutt, 56pages, 8.5 x 10, 9780882407623
In a story set before the coming of the Euro-Americans in the 1700's, Sulsuliya, a Coast Salish teenager, uses her spindle whorl to prepare yarn for her uncle’s wedding gift, a new robe in tribe’s traditional style. She shows her younger sister the skills she was taught by their grandmother, and...

Hardcover, Chris Lubkemann, 250pages, 7 x 5.6, 9781565239098
With this pocket-sized guidebook and a trusty Swiss Army Knife, readers will be ready to whittle wherever they go. World-famous whittler Chris Lubkemann shows how to carve 43 useful and whimsical objects using nothing more than a stick and an Original Swiss Army® Knife. Chris offers...

Paperback, Paul Forrester, 256pages, 5.8 x 0.8 x 8, 9781770857315
This comprehensive reference covers everything from how to choose and cut lumber to how to plan, measure, mark, cut, shape and join.  Woodworker's Techniques Handbook  is the handyman's complete guide to working with wood. Packed with practical information and 600 full-color...

Paperback, Jamie Doeren, 72pages, 8.6 x 0.2 x 10.8, 9781565237681
Learn the secrets to transforming an ordinary piece of wood into a striking work of art with the easy-to-follow instructions in this book. Inside you'll find 3 step-by-step projects for carving realistic and caricature bears with a chainsaw. Covers pattern design, layout, and basic chainsaw cuts.

Paperback, Theresa Flores Geary Ph.D., 128pages, 8.5 x 10, 9781600595325
Following her successful  Native American Beadwork , Theresa Flores Geary offers up another beautiful collection of traditional beaded projects, all using contemporary tools and materials. The techniques range from simple stringing and Apache Weave to Circular Peyote Stitch. The 19...

Hardcover, C. S. Lambert, 160pages, 9.3 x 0.6 x 9.3, 9781608931781
Sea glass connects civilization and nature, often in surprising ways. And collecting sea glass and pottery shards is more popular than ever. However, beyond simply admiring their beauty, many collectors are at a loss as to just what to do with their collections. Sea Glass Crafts is filled with...

Paperback, David Mitchell, 96pages, 7 x 0.3 x 9.5, 9781770852501
18 "monstrous" origami projects for folders of all experience. This book presents 18 projects to create monsters of all kinds and sizes. The book opens with an introduction (or review, for experienced folders) of the basic folds. The brightly colored monsters are shown step by step with...

Spiral-Bound, Nick Robinson, 76pages, 9 x 10.2, 9781607107637
Origami Adventures: Animals  features everything that children need to become origami experts. Step-by-step instructions for creating 14 colorful origami animals are paired with illustrations and fun facts about each creature. A 48-page book with clear step-by-step directions for different...

Flex Cover, Fiona Danks, Jo Schofield, 160pages, 7.8 x 0.5 x 10, 9780711228856
Following  Nature's Playground  and  Going Wild , the authors once again lure kids away from computers and the TV into the natural world, this time to have a go at making their own entertainment from whatever is available outdoors. This book is about looking at natural materials in a new...

Paperback, Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer, 224pages, 9.3 x 7.5, 9780762783526
The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book is a year-round activity guide for getting kids outside to explore and have fun in the natural world.Authors: Stacy Tornio and Ken KefferSoftcover; 205 pages; color illustrationsMorris Book Publishing, LLC; copyright 2012Activities are divided by season, and each...

Paperback, Chris Lubkemann, 104pages, 9 x 6, 9781565237728
Relax the old fashioned wayWhether on your front porch-or in the back woods-the Little Book of Whittling will help you learn to how to create fun and useful objects with nothing more than a pocket knife and a twig. Author Chris Lubkemann will help you "whittle away the hours" with clear guidance...
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