Paperback w/Plush, 16pages, 3.5 x 7, ISBN: 9781441331885
Reindeers reign during the holidays! But what do you know about them? Nuzzle up to this little one and find out! Kit comes with a mini plush reindeer and a fun and educational   Caregiver's Guide! Guidebook is packed with little-known facts, a few reindeer games, an adoption...

Hardcover, Eric James, 32pages, 11 x 9, ISBN: 9781492627470
It's a magical Christmas Eve, and all of the children in your town are sleeping. Well, all of the children but you! How could you  possibly  fall asleep when you know Santa and his sleigh are on their way?

Hardcover, Jess Smart Smiley, 32pages, 9 x 9, ISBN: 9781942934714
From the space needle to Mt. Rainier, these 12 Little Elves discover some of the most unique and interesting things about Washington and what it has to offer. Silly, over-the-top fun, and a bit ridiculous, 12 Little Elves Visit Washington is the perfect book for every Evergreen State kid!

Hardcover, Trish Madson, 32pages, 9 x 9, ISBN: 9781945547102
Twelve charming elves travel up and down each state to see who is still awake before Santa comes. Along the way, they visit state landmarks and curiosities, all bedecked in holly and holiday fun. Their last stop? Your home, of course. Jump in bed!

$9.09 $12.99  
Paperback, Maddy Brook, 128pages, 9 x 11, ISBN: 9781784288730
The 'Day of the Dead' (or Día de Muertos) is an ancient Mexican custom that dates back thousands of years and honors the souls of those who have died. It has inspired some beautifully macabre and intricate skeleton art that just so happens to make fantastic subjects for dot-to-dot drawing! Each...

Hardcover, Elizabeth Golding, 12pages, 8 x 8, ISBN: 9780762459650
Toys, reindeer, snowmen, and stockings . . . these are just a few surprises to be discovered in this interactive book filled with hidden pictures. With magic paper flashlights inside the pages, readers are encouraged to find as many Christmas objects as they can inside both the colorful and...

Hardcover, John Abbott Nez, 40pages, 8.5 x 8.5, ISBN: 9781402770685
What could be a more perfect place to spend Christmas than the tree-filled “Evergreen State”? Max has a festive time seeing a pod of killer whales, yodeling in an Alpine village tucked high in the mountains, shopping for gifts at Pike's Place Market, and going right to the top of the Space Needle!

Paperback, Thaneeya McArdle, 80pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 9781497202047
Enter an exotic world of creative self-expression with this folk art coloring book! Inspired by the quirky Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, it offers dozens of fun and playful Sugar Skull art activities that will take you on a playful journey of patterning, shading, and coloring. These...

Paperback, Thaneeya McArdle, 64pages, 5.3 x 0.2 x 8.2, ISBN: 9781497200814
Even Santa likes to color with this perfectly-sized stocking stuffer! Twenty-eight relaxing art activities feature festive holiday themes. Take this portable little coloring book along wherever you go, and you ll always be ready for a festive coloring experience. Each whimsical illustration is...

Paperback, Philip Yates, 32pages, 11 x 0.2 x 10, ISBN: 9781454916826
On the first day of Christmas, a gift was sent to me: a parrot in a palm tree!  Ahoy mateys —Christmas is coming, and even pirates celebrate the holiday! This follow-up to the hugely popular  A Pirate's Night Before Christmas  offers a witty reimagining of “The...

Hardcover, Susan Blackaby, 40pages, 8.5 x 0.4 x 8.5, ISBN: 9781454908913
Have a merry Oregon Christmas, from the rain forest to the desert to the mountains to the beach. Cousins Liz and Danny are seeing it all: they're camping near the Columbia River like Lewis and Clark, collecting "thunder eggs," and snowboarding near a volcano. With everything from busy beavers...

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Paperback, Playbac, 12pages, 8.8 x 0.1 x 10.3, ISBN: 9780761170891
EyeLike Stickers are the freshest, most vibrant sticker books on the market with 400 high-quality photographic stickers in each book.

Paperback, Playbac, 12pages, 8.8 x 0.1 x 10.4, ISBN: 9780761186144
EyeLike Stickers are the freshest, most vibrant sticker books on the market with 400 high-quality photographic stickers in each book.