11 x 17
Vancouver Island shows the entire island, which is located to the west of Vancovuer, BC. Connected to the mainland by numerous ferry runs, Vancouver Island is a popular destination for tourists all over the continent. Victoria, the largest city on Vancouver Island, is known for its beauty and...

39 x 26
laminated map of a satellite image

39 x 26
Seattle - Vancouver consists of Landsat satellite imagery with overlaid map information. This image-map spans the area from Whistler in the north, Hope to the east, Cape Flattery to the west and Olympia, WA, to the south. To our knowledge, this is the only map which covers the area between...

24 x 36, ISBN: 9781888216370
The illustrated map and guide to all the lighthouses in the Pacific Northwest: Oregon, Washington & Alaska. All 65 standing and "lost" lighthouses are located on new, detailed coastal maps, including Alaska & Inside Passage insets. 33 original watercolor illustrations--3 new. Reverse has...

42 x 17.5, ISBN: 760999953113
This poster features the new cover art for our Sasquatch Field Guide illustrated by Brenden Bannon. Printed in house by Paradise Cay Publications.

Amadeo Bachar, Edgar W. Roberts III, 36 x 27
The poster version of our Saltwater Sport Fish of the Pacific: San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas field guide Specifically designed for the salt water angler, this durable fish identification guide includes the fish sought after by the recreation-al fisherman in the Pacific Northwest, from...

Amadeo Bachar, Edgar W. Roberts III, 36 x 27, ISBN: 9781937196165
The poster version of our Saltwater Sport Fish of the Pacific NW: Monterey to Alaska Field Guide . Each specimen includes the common and scientific name, range where fish are caught, length, bait commonly used, as well as distinguishing identification characteristics. In addition, this...

ISBN: 9781935380320
Range includes these states: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas19" X 27" overall size. Shipped in a heavy-walled 2" mailing tube with plastic endcapsThis stunning poster includes 112 fish species, both common and exotic, found in both cold and warm water lakes,streams, and reservoirs of the...