USMMA REMOTE TRAINING PACKET includes Expedited Shipping



Expedited Shipping included in this package deal.

Expedited Shipping is included as a part of this package deal.  Items may also be ordrered separately.

If you have any questions, please call, (800) 736-4509 or email


1 Training Chart 12221TR (sku# PAR062, $10.00)

1 Training Chart 12354TR (sku# PAR063, $10.00)

1 Training Chart 13205TR (sku# PAR064, $10.00)

1 Pad of Maneuvering Boards (sku# CEL013, $12.95)

1 Pad of Universal Plotting Sheets (sku# CEL012, $12.95)

1 Plotting Sheet 903 (sku# HON_903, $20.00)

Expedited Shipping $10.50

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