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Hardcover, Emma Bland Smith, 32pages, 8.5 x 11, 9781632171818
When you live on an island, things are different. Sometimes harder. Sometimes sweeter. Sometimes quieter. Experience a day in the life of a child growing up on a Pacific Northwest island in this beautifully written and illustrated picture book. Off the coast of Washington State rise hundreds...

Paperback, Roddy Scheer, 264pages, 6 x 9, 9781493041275
Hiking Waterfalls in Washington includes detailed hike descriptions, maps, and color photos for the area’s most scenic waterfall hikes. Hike descriptions also include history, trivia, and GPS coordinates. This book takes you through state and national parks, forests, monuments, and wilderness...

Board, Katherine Sully, 20pages, 6 x 6, 9781492647669
It's bedtime in Washington! Say goodnight to all your favorite locations, including: Woodland Park Zoo Space Needle CenturyLink Field Columbia Gorge Riverboat Smith Tower EMP Museum Washington State Capitol Mount Rainier Washington State Fair Burke Museum Manito Park

Paperback, Tom Kirkendall, Vicki Spring, 80pages, 9 x 10, 9781560376163
Experience the Northwest's best-kept secrets in this newest book by husband-and-wife photography team Tom Kirkendall and Vicky Spring. Covering the Evergreen State from Seattle to Spokane and everywhere in between, Washington: A Photographic Journey highlights the state's cities, attractions,...

Steel, 3.8 x 3.8pages
Laser cut steel. Uses a strong rare earth magnet. Antique bronze finish applied

Paperback, Harry Ritter, 144pages, 5 x 8, 9781513261690
Now with a new design and updated content, including three brand-new chapters plus a new preface and a postscript from the author.   An anything-but-dry history textbook in a take-it-with-you package, Washington’s History is a fascinating walk through the sweeping story of a place and its...

Magnet, 3.9 x 2.25
New design replaces PAR436. Laser cut steel. Uses a strong rare earth magnet. Antique bronze finish applied

Paperback, Ellie Kozlowski & Jeanne Pyle, 192pages, 6 x 9, 9780897326810
Perfect Camping for You in Washington!   The Evergreen State provides a spectacular backdrop for some of the most scenic campgrounds in the country. But do you know which campgrounds offer the most privacy? Which are the best for first-time campers? Ellie Kozlowski has traversed the...

Paperback, Wendy Gorton, 280pages, 6 x 8, 9781604698008
Winner of the 2018 National Outdoor Book Award, Children’s Category Handcrafted for Northwest parents, educators, and caregivers that want to spark a love of nature,  50 Hikes with Kids  highlights the most kid-friendly hikes in Oregon and Washington. These hikes are perfect for little...

Steel, 2 x 1.5
Laser-cut stainless steel with custom "Squatch" keyring. Made in USA.

Steel, 2 x 1.5
Laser-cut stainless steel with custom "Squatch" keyring. Made in USA.

Steel, 2 x 1.5
Laser-cut stainless steel with custom "Squatch" keyring. Made in USA.

Steel, 1.5 x 1.5
Laser-cut heavy duty stainless steel is made in USA. Includes black "Squatch" keyrin (imported)

Steel, 3.5 x 2.5

Paperback, Tracy Salcedo , 232pages, 6 x 9, 9781493026944
Each year almost two million visitors come to Mount Rainier National Park. If they don’t follow safety warnings, they may find themselves victims of a climbing accident, or face-to-face with a mountain lion, or stuck in the fog and snow on the Muir Snowfield, a place that is continually rated as...

Steel, 3.8 x 2.8
Laser-cut steel with finish applied. Strong Rare Earth magnet glued on the back. Each one is unique.

$11.00 $21.99  
Paperback, Ericka Chickowski, 9781631210860

Paperback, Jennifer Guard, 240pages, 5.5 x 8.5, 9781551058559
This concise and easy-to-use field guide provides a wealth of information packed into 240 pages. Grouped by habitat, the color-coded sections describe the wooded wetland, wetland prairie, marshy shore-land, and submerged and floating communities. Included are more than 330 species, with...

Map, 4 x 9 (Folded)

Paperback, Susan Elderkin, 352pages, 5.5 x 7.5, 9781680510140
The first of a new series that updates our popular family guides, combining new material and features, in a handy user-friendly format. • Nearly 200 hikes suitable for families with children, seniors, and anyone looking for an easy, yet rewarding adventure •Graphic, two-color layout provides key...

Paperback, Ron Judd, 352pages, 8.5 x 5.5, 9781594859519
•More than 600 campgrounds •Now includes private campgrounds in areas where public facilities are lacking •New photographs throughout and greater detail on individual campsites. This popular guidebook reviews and rates each campground so you'll know exactly what to expect,...
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