Dino Yoga: Four Colorful Dinosaurs Demonstrate Easy Yoga Positions and Meditation Exercises, plus Helpful Tips for Relaxation, Calm, and Managing Emotions for Kids and Families



"The children's book we've waited for." — Mantra Wellness Meet four adorable dinosaurs who love to do yoga! Kid-friendly guide   to learning how to do yoga with a cast of cute dinosaurs Step-by-step illustrations   help children perform basic yoga poses and meditative...

"The children's book we've waited for."
Mantra Wellness

Meet four adorable dinosaurs who love to do yoga!

  • Kid-friendly guide to learning how to do yoga with a cast of cute dinosaurs
  • Step-by-step illustrations help children perform basic yoga poses and meditative exercises
  • Insightful, kid-friendly tips on how to better manage and transform their emotions
  • Kids ages 4-9 will have a blast trying each yoga pose and exploring the fun cartoons
  • Charming dinosaur art that kids love, featuring a T. rex, velociraptor, triceratops, and pterodactyl demonstrating the poses


These adorable dinosaurs love yoga, and they're here to show you how you can do it too!

Dino Yoga is a fun and colorful guide that teaches young children how to do yoga with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that explain how to perform basic yoga poses. With each yoga position is also a kid-friendly tip on how to better handle their emotions and personalities, including how to relax, how to focus, how to be calmer, and more.

Join Master Diplo and his students, Rex, Raptor, Trixie, and Dactyla, as they guide kids step-by-step through a variety of yoga poses and meditative exercises, including Tree Pose, Peaceful Warrior Pose, Plank Pose, Camel Pose, and more. These practices will help kids connect with themselves, calm their minds, and feel great! See how yoga helps each young dinosaur understand and manage the different emotions they experience, from anger and the inability to focus to overactivity and anxiety. Each pose builds onto the next so children can easily move through a yoga sequence before it closes with a meditative practice to complete the flow. These actions help children manage their emotions in a healthy and mindful way.

Author Lorena V. Pajalunga is an expert in yoga and teaching children about the practice through her organization, Associazione Italiana Yoga Bambini (AIYB). Artist Anna Láng is a graphic designer and illustrator with her first work in children's illustrations being with the National Theatre of Budapest.

A great way to introduce children to a mindful and meditative practice—as well as something you can do and enjoy together as a family—this must-have yoga for kids book is perfect to move kids away from their screens and experience all the benefits yoga has to offer!

Perfect for kids 4 to 9 or for the whole family to learn easy yoga poses and practice mindfulness, attend Master Diplo's Jurassic School of Yoga inside Dino Yoga!

"A lovely breakdown of fun yoga poses, peaceful and healing meditations demonstrated beautifully by the amazing dinosaurs which the kids will easily relate to."
—Jaime Amor Cosmic Kids

"The children's book we've waited for. Yoga and mindfulness are so important for developing minds. This book is a wonderful way to keep children feeling capable and worthy throughout their lives. I just wish this beautifully-illustrated book existed sooner."
—Maranda Pleasant, Editor-in-Chief, Mantra Wellness Magazine

"The perfect introduction to yoga for little ones! This kid-friendly guide to yoga introduces kids to mindfulness, focus, and navigating emotions—tools they will carry with them for life."
—Lida Padro, Lexi Yoga


Lorena Pajalunga
40 pages
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8.5 x 10.5
Fox Chapel
Date Added:
November 2021
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