The Art of Discovering Whales

Hardcover, 240 pages, ISBN: 9781734524017


What do whales truly look like? To answer this question, Larry Foster devoted decades of research and study to show whale lovers everywhere the true body shapes of whales, dolphins, and porpoises―Cetacea. His goal: to debunk the centuries-old myths that incorrectly presented whales as grotesque, blimp-like, and dangerous animals, and to accurately depict whales as the graceful, sleek, and streamlined marine mammals they really are. The Art of Discovering Whales is a detailed look into Larry’s fifty-plus-year career as the only scientific artist to produce anatomically correct portrayals of 75+ species of whales with over 300 color images of his prolific whale artwork in every medium imaginable: drawings, paintings, stained-glass and life-size sculptures and more. Anyone who appreciates and is inspired by these truly majestic animals will be in wonder how no one individual has done so much in the field to correct any misinterpretations of the appearance of any group of animals as Larry Foster. Readers will delight in Larry’s unique whale discoveries firsthand, and gain appreciation for his pioneering contributions in the quest to teach, discover, and celebrate whales. “Larry Foster has turned whale illustration into a science. The depictions that he has done are the most anatomically correct I have seen. If you want to know what whales really look like, talk to Larry Foster.” —Dr. James Mead, Curator Emeritus of Marine Mammals Smithsonian Institution

LARRY FOSTER, a Sacramento, California native, was always captivated with the natural and scientific world around him. He felt a special fascination for more information about the largest animal on Earth―whales. Larry’s education is not in biology or scientific illustration, but rather in fine art, which no doubt helped to develop his awareness in color themes and classic composition and sharpened his ability to capture the essence of each species of the order Cetacea―whales, dolphins, and porpoises.


Larry Foster
240 pages
ISBN: 9781734524017
Date Added:
April 2021
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