Your Cannabis CBD:THC Ratio: A Guide to Precision Dosing for Health and Wellness

Paperback, 240 pages, 7 x 9.75 inches, ISBN: 9781936807482


The author of the game-changing Cannabis Health Index returns with a book designed specifically for general readers who want to understand how THC and CBD can benefit them.

While CBD is the new buzzword for health and wellness, many researchers and practitioners believe that the symbiotic relationship between THC and CBD, known as the entourage effect, allows for greater therapeutic benefits for patients. Unfortunately, when it comes to optimizing that ratio to a particular health condition, it is often a process of trial and error for medical patients.

Your Cannabis CBD:THC Ratio provides detailed information on how to find the best ratios of CBD:THC and covers the preferred ratios of these two primary cannabinoids for ten prevalent medical conditions —including cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and many others. Blesching’s unique chemotype-based system takes into account CBD:THC ratios, the various forms of cannabis medicine available to consumers, and the subjective therapeutic dosages, presenting a complete evidence-based methodology. -- Uwe Blesching, PH.D.


Uwe Blesching Ph.D.
240 pages
7 x 9.75 inches
ISBN: 9781936807482
Ingram Books
Date Added:
JAN 2021
Published Date:

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