Redwood National and State Parks - North 5th Ed 2021

Map, 26 x 39 inches, ISBN: 9781934127384



Full-color, double-sided, 26 x 39" map printed on durable waterproof plastic at 1:25,000 scale

Trail mileages are marked and the map is annotated with the locations of memorial grove markers, footbridges, panoramic viewpoints, and stairs. Since it’s possible to walk for miles without seeing a trail marker, these annotations can help you keep track of your location.

Unofficial trails, service roads, and the area’s extensive network of logging roads are also shown, greyed out to distinguish them from official hiking trails. It’s not recommended that you use these trails, but having them on the map will help you avoid avoid getting lost.

Areas of old-growth redwoods are shaded in dark green, and a UTM grid is provided to help with GPS navigation. Elevation profiles of the park’s most popular trails are included.


26 x 39 inches
ISBN: 9781934127384
Redwood Hikes Press
Date Added:
April 2021

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