FAA Chart: North Pacific Route Chart Northeast FLAT

Current Edition: APRIL 20, Next Edition: JUNE 15


Flat Charts are designed for hanging on a wall or framing.
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How shipping works on FAA charts:

  • One Time Next Edition: Ships when the next edition becomes available. Always arrives before the edition date, usually about one week before.
  • One Time Current Edition: Ships immediately
  • Standing Order: You receive your charts before the edition date.
    If you want to make a standing order, you must contact us by email or phone.


There is a period of approx. 3 weeks before a new edition is released that we refer to as The Donut Hole. During this period the new editions are being printed and are thus unavailable to ship. In these cases, select Next Edition unless you really need a chart immediately.

Staring Feb 25, 2021 Charts update every 56 days

To determine whether you have the most current edition or to find out when the next edition will be effective, see the DOLE (PDF).



We supply the current edition of this flight chart which is updated every 56 days by the FAA. This chart ships rolled.
Chart Format:


Chart Format:
Dimensions (IN):
60 x 42 (one-sided)
Current Edition:
Current Edition: APRIL 20
Next Edition:
Next Edition: JUNE 15

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