Squatch Metalworks Package Special WASHINGTON (WHOLESALE ONLY) 23719



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DIS002 3-panel Squatch Display (Large) x 1
CSI001 SFG Wooden display x 1
PAR183 Bigfoot Walking Magnet (Small) x 5
PAR079 Bigfoot Walking Magnet (Large) x 8
PAR184 Footprint Magnet (Small) x 5
PAR628 Microsquatch Keychain w/ Carabiner x 5
PAR556 Bigfoot in Feather Magnet x 4
PAR599 Bigfoot X-ing x 3
PAR450 Bigfoot Round Opener Keychain x 4
PAR612 Footprint Keychain x 4
PAR461 Redwood w/ Bigfoot x 4
PAR471 Bigfoot Utility Bottle Opener w/ Carabiner x 4
PAR404 Bigfoot Walking Opener Keychain x 6
SSS001 Bigfoot Walking Stainless Standup x 3
SSS003 Bigfoot w/Redwood Stainless Standup x 2
PAR655 Bigfoot “Believe’’ Shield x 3
PAR666 Beast Tool x 8
PAR533 Squatch Logo (Small) x 2
PAR650 Sasquatch Head Round x 2
PAR641 Cryptid Magnet x 4
PAR072 Sasquatch Field Guide x 8
PAR151 Washington Bigfoot x 4
PAR739 Washington Whale Tail x 3
PAR733 Washington Whale Tail Keychain x 3
PAR714 Washington Lighthouse x 2
PAR691 Whale Tail w/Washington x 3
PAR621 Washington Tree x 3
PAR629 Washington Bigfoot Keychain x 3
PAR631 Washington Tree Keychain x 3
PAR706 Crytpid w/Washington Oval x 2
PAR693 Bigfoot Walking Flowerpot Spike x 4
PAR770 Sasquatch Pewter Keychain x 3
PAR773 Beerfoot Magnet x 3
PAR754 Washington Climber Magnet x 2
SHG011 Washington Bigfoot Stainless Steel Shotglass x 6
SHG013 Leave Only Footprints x 4


Squatch Metalworks
Date Added:
FEB 2021

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