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Flexicover, Jimmy Cornell, 352pages, 9.5 x 7.6, ISBN: 9781999722913
“ World Voyage Planner ” is a comprehensive guide for planning a voyage from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. The fully revised and updated second edition deals with all the elements that would ensure a successful voyage, by providing practical advice for would-be voyagers on...

Flexicover, Jimmy Cornell, 616pages, ISBN: 9781999722944
Reprinted October 2019 with updated information on the latest weather phenomena that have occurred since the publication of this edition in 2018. Long established as the bible for long-distance cruisers and a bestseller since its first publication in 1987, World Cruising Routes is a...

Flexicover, Jimmy and Doina Cornell, 448pages, 9.5 x 8 x 1 in., ISBN: 9780957262690
World Cruising Destinations: An Inspirational Guide to All Sailing Destinations This substantial handbook profiles every cruising destination in the world, with information on cruising attractions, history, culture, climate(including average monthly temperatures and rainfall, plus tropical...

Hardcover, Bonnie Worth, 48pages, 6.7 x 0.4 x 9.3, ISBN: 9780679891161
In rhyming text, the Cat in the Hat introduces Sally and Dick to the various inhabitants of the ocean, including herring, mackerel, jellyfish, sharks, manatees, and whales.

Paperback, Willy Whitefeather, 104pages, 8.3 x 0.3 x 11.1, ISBN: 9780943173474
Willie Whitefeather, Honorary Chief of the Black Creek Cherokee of FL, river-rafter, and backwoods guide, has lived in the wilderness for many years. Disturbed by the lack of survival guides for children (who are the most helpless when they get lost or hurt in the woods), he wrote this for his...

Flex, David Moskowitz, 364pages, 6 x 0.9 x 8.5, ISBN: 9780881929492
It's possible to safely see fascinating wildlife—if you know what to look for and where, and if you understand what you see—whether you are far from civilization or right in your own backyard.  Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest  includes illustrated descriptions for more than 180 mammals,...

Cards, 2.8 x 4, ISBN: 9781591933953
This gorgeous deck of cards features real photos of 52 of the most common and beautiful wildflowers of the Northwestern states. Wildflowers are much beloved in this land of mountains, forests and shorelines, and you can enjoy learning their names while playing your favorite card games.

Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 X 3.69, ISBN: 9781620053171
Wilderness Survival is the perfect, pocket-sized folding guide on how to stay alive in the wilderness. The guide highlights basic first aid, building a shelter, signaling for help, foraging for food and water, fire-making, edible plants and navigating through the wilderness. Laminated for...

Paperback, Nancy Field, 4pages, 4.25 x 5.5, ISBN: 9780941042345
Comes with 54 very realistic stickers of sharks and rays. Use with the book Discovering Sharks and Rays. These are colorful, detailed and correct images that will delight young ocean life fans.

Paperback, Nancy Field, 4pages, 5.6 x 4.3 x 0.1, ISBN: 9780941042239
32 realistic, acid-free stickers showing whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, walruses, dugongs and manatees. Use them to bring ocean drawings to life on with the book Discovering Marine Mammals. Beautiful images.

Paperback, 4.25 x 5.75, ISBN: 9780941042222
Set of 40 realistic forest stickers. Use with the book  Ancient Forests  or use with other projects. Our wild stickers are photo and scrapbook safe. Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Paperback Pop-Up, Eryl Norris, 18pages, 5 x 1.1 x 6, ISBN: 9781499801408
Find out which pair of eyes belong to which woodland animal in this engaging novelty book with pop-ups on every page! It’s nighttime in the woods and there are eyes peeping out from the darkness—but who do they belong to? Pop-ups on each page reveal different woodland animals,...

Paperback, Pamela Allen, 28pages, 9 x 7, ISBN: 9780698113732
Who sank the boat' Was it the cow or the donkey or the sheep with her knitting' Surely it wasn't the tiny little mouse' Winner of the 1983 Australian Picture Book of the Year Award, this wonderfully illustrated book is designed for sharing aloud and will make children giggle as they guess which...

Paperback, Gary Robson, 48pages, 8 x 9, ISBN: 9781560373377
This charming tale of Michael, Emily, and their parents as they explore Olympic National Park is designed to both entertain and educate. Wildlife can be elusive, and both kids are disappointed when at first they don't encounter many animals in the park. The kids quickly learn, however, that...

Board, Jennifer Blomgren, 20pages, 6.5 x 0.5 x 6.5, ISBN: 9781632170194
Based on the best-selling picture book of the same title, this adorable board book features colorful illustrations of sleeping baby animals accompanied by a melodic lullaby.

Paperback, Jennifer Blomgren, illust. by Andrea Gabriel, 32pages, 10 x 11, ISBN: 9781570615931
In this lovely bedtime book, "Where do I sleep'" is asked and answered by baby animals native to the Pacific Northwest. A sea otter, blacktail deer, bald eagle, sea anemone, mountain goat, grey wolf, hermit thrush, and other little animals (including a human child) describe their sleeping...

Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 x 3.69, ISBN: 9781583551219
Western Coastal Birds is a portable reference guide featuring over 100 species of birds found along Western North America. This richly illustrated and detailed guide is printed on laminate material and folds for easy handling. A map of birding sanctuaries and parks is provided on the back cover...

Hardcover, Al Eufrasio, Jefferson Davis, ISBN: 9781402754661
The Pacific Northwest teems with colorful history and unique legends-and this tour of the Beaver State is no exception!. Check out the gas station restroom that looks like cowboy boots as you search the skies for a man flying across the state in a lawn chair tethered to helium balloons. And how...

Spiral-Bound, 80pages, 11.5" x 8 1/8", ISBN: 1878797085
More than 80 ruled pages for recording log entries in flexible format. Guest registry, radio log. Spiral-bound.

Spiral-Bound, 80pages, 11.5" x 8 5/8", ISBN: 1878797107
Much needed organizer for routine maintenance notations as well as vessel specs, spares inventories, useful sketches.

Folding Pocket Guide, James Kavanagh, 6pages, 8.25 X 3.69, ISBN: 9781583551127
Weather, An Introduction to Clouds, Storms and Weather Patterns, is a must-have, reference guide for beginners and experts alike. With this indispensable guide, learn how to observe clouds and anticipate weather changes. This folded guide is printed on laminate material for durability and...

Waterproof, Waterproof Chart, 48 x 36
Personalized options available

Paperback, Georgie Woolridge, 80pages, 11.1 x 10.2 x 0.6, ISBN: 9781250095039
An entire world exists beneath the waves, and now you can bring it to vibrant life with your colored pencils, markers, or even watercolor paint!  Waterlife  presents a new kind of mindful coloring book, containing over 35 astounding drawings inspired by illustrator Georgie Woolridge's travels in...

Spiral-Bound Paperback, Milo & Terry Walker, 114pages, 12 x 10, ISBN: 9780945265313
Tabbed sections for cruising log, vessel info, fuel and radio log, maintenance log and vessel equipment inventory. Practical, well thought out. Very popular.
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