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Profits from the sale of this Tribute Edition will go towards maintaining and upgrading the Larry Pardey Memorial Observatory at Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island, New Zealand.  It was built with funds donated by Kenny Thorall who worked alongside Larry delivering and upgrading yachts before I...

Profits from the sale of this Tribute Edition will go towards maintaining and upgrading the Larry Pardey Memorial Observatory at Camp Bentzon on Kawau Island, New Zealand. 

It was built with funds donated by Kenny Thorall who worked alongside Larry delivering and upgrading yachts before I (Lin) came on the scene. Ken, an amazing mechanic, was our first mutual friend. The observatory, with its 4 telescopes and 15 pairs of high-powered binoculars, is used by up to 100 schoolchildren each week. For many of these youngsters, this is the very first time they have seen the stars unimpeded by city lights.


Let Cruising in Seraffyn introduce you to a special world. The first of a four-book series, it is full of the sights, sounds and people of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the islands of the Atlantic Ocean. Read how Lin and Larry built their wooden 24-foot engineless cutter and set off hoping for a few months of true freedom in spite of limited finances. Share their excitement as they learn how to earn as they go and sail ever further afield. These two persuasive sailor/writers set out convincing arguments to get you chasing your dream sooner than you think –be it exploring the world under sail or adventuring towards any new goal. A favorite of sailors and armchair sailors for over four decades, this book is more than a first-rate tale and love story; it is also a carefully thought-out guide to living aboard a small boat, with fun and good seamanship as guiding principles. This tribute edition, created by Lin to honor Larry, includes a new foreword, updated appendices and a color insert showing Seraffyn during her circumnavigation and afterwards, under the guardianship of subsequent owners – which proves that Larry really did build her to last for 50 years or more.



Lin & Larry Pardey
224 pages
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6 x 9
L & L Pardey Books
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December 2018
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DVD, Lin & Larry Pardey, 9781929214242
What does it actually cost to cruise? How do you keep from blowing the budget you set? Join Lin and Larry Pardey as they share the financial lessons they have learned during 45 years of voyaging and from countless interviews with cruising sailors from dozens of different countries and walks of...

DVD, Lin & Larry Pardey, 1929214197
Join Lin and Larry Pardey on board their cruising boat Taleisin and at their home base in New Zealand as they share ideas and hints to make hour boat safer, easier to handle, and more enjoyable to use. . On board Taleisin-the boat that has been their home for 85,000 miles of voyaging-they...

DVD, Lin & Larry Pardey, 9781929214105
The Pardeys have been called the "enablers". Their books and videos have encourage sailors of all ages to stop dreaming and start doing. Now they take you well out to sea and demonstrate methods to help you bring your boat and crew safely through storms with your gear and dreams intact....

DVD, Lin & Larry Pardey, 1929214227
Before you dream of crossing oceans, join Lin and Larry on board Taleisin in Fremantle Australia as they demonstrate gear storage for offshore voyaging, dinghy choices, life-raft storage, storm trysails and other valuable hints to help you prepare.  Then voyage along with them on a classic...

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Hardcover, Lin Pardey, 304 pages, 6x9, 9781929214679
Lin Pardey and her husband Larry are internationally famous for their sailing adventures. But in 1980 -- fresh from an eleven years-long sailing journey, where they forged the early years of their marriage on high seas and in exotic locales -- they came to CA looking for a good spot to build a...

Paperback, Lin & Larry Pardey, 400 pages, 9 x 6, 9781929214778
This revised and expanded third edition of a cruising classic includes 10 completely new chapters with such advice as: sixteen ways to encourage your lover (partner) to share your dream; strategies for turning sudden engine failure into a minor incident; choosing safety equipment; repairing...

Paperback, Lin & Larry Pardey, 256 pages, 9 x 6, 9781929214471
In a storm at sea, luck is highly biased toward the sailor who has a plan. So write Lin and Larry Pardey in this, the third edition of their highly regarded Storm Tactics Handbook . As in the first two editions of this book, they describe their concerns about the tendency of modern sailors to...

Paperback, Herb McCormick, 9781929214983
In As Long as It’s Fun, the biography of Lin and Larry Pardey, Herb McCormick recounts their remarkable sailing career—from their early days in Southern Cal. to their two circumnavigations to their current life in a quiet cove in New Zealand. Through interviews with their families, friends,...

Paperback, Lin Pardey with Larry Pardey, 9781929214341
Lin Pardey’s ever popular book, The Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew has now been updated. Despite the title, this is hardly a cookbook; rather it s a primer on successful cruising. Certainly, anyone contemplating, or preparing for, off shore passages would want to read and then keep this...

Hardcover, Larry Pardey, 452 pages, 10 x 8
This impressive book shows the process of constructing a boat hull with extensive photographs and drawings and includes ample time-saving procedures. Larry Pardey is accepted as one of the master craftsman of the wooden-boat building world. He and his wife, Lin, have built two, strong,...

Paperback, Behan Gifford, Sara Dawn Johnson, Michael Robertson, 320 pages, 6 x 9, 9781929214334
“A treasure-trove of useful, well-organized information on sea-going parenting.” —Gary “Cap’n Fatty” Goodlander, Author of Buy, Outfit and Sail     Choosing a boat that is right for your family; handling the naysayers; keeping your children safe, healthy and entertained...

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